DIY Projects

*Last updated Mon. 9/13/10

Planning a large wedding with 220 guests can certainly get expensive. That's why I'm going to tackle some DIY projects to help defray some costs. Being a graphic designer, I know I can design my own invitations, so I won't need to pay another artist to design my invitations, I'll only need to pay for the printing. I'll also be able to assemble a team to put invites together. I am also "kind of" crafty when it comes to making things, so I'm also going to be taking a stab at some centerpiece ideas while working in conjunction with my florist.

All DIY-related posts, including my own work and other inspiring brides' DIY projects, will be linked to here. While my posts may get tagged, they can get lost in the shuffle as time goes on and new entries are posted.

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