Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pro Wedding Pics TEASER!

Hello world!

As you know it’s been a while since my last post. Married life is fantastic and we’ve just been keeping really busy with…well, being married and being domestic!! We wake up at 6am, enjoy breakfast together every morning, work full time jobs, enjoy dinner together every night, work on our house (it’s so cute to see him mow the lawn), enjoy a Sox game on the couch…as Husband and Wife! Saturday mornings equal house chores (keeping up with cat hair is driving us nuts), Sunday mornings equal making us a big breakfast, getting back into attending mass.

I’ve clearly been in a blogging/post-wedding slump. To be frank – the fun of planning is over. I have a hole in my life..a hole in my heart. I’m trying to fill it with other things now...projects around the house, work, creative things, and taking another RISD class again this Fall. It’s hard…for 2 years and 3 months I poured over fun, wedding imagery, met with our vendors (whom I now call our wedding friends) many, many times and devised the creative details for our wedding day…it came and went in a flash, and thankfully we are left with unforgettable memories and incredible, tear-jerking imagery that we will never get sick of looking at…THANK YOU JENNIFER LEATHERWOOD AND DAVID BETTENCOURT!

Speaking of wedding imagery, yesterday we received our pro wedding pictures from Jennifer Leatherwood!!

I have lots of posts lined up to chronicle the wedding, and I want Jennifer to blog the wedding first because she just has a nice way of putting images together, but I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite moments:

Us, the kiss, and my little Sis, Jess, the Maid of Honor, and the Best Man Ryan.


And the moment we turned to look at the crowd as Husband and Wife for the first time…lots of applause! :-)


Nothing else mattered…this was the most important moment of the day. We were finally MARRIED. And it was perfect. Our ceremony was so peaceful, he didn’t pass out when he saw me for the first time, we did not stumble when reciting our vows, I didn’t trip, he didn’t step on my dress when we were exchanging the sign of peace with our wedding party….all those little things that ran through our heads weeks/months before the wedding that we thought could go wrong naturally didn’t go wrong haha…the ceremony music was insanely beautiful…everything was just plain amazing.

Here’s the link to our wedding highlight reel by David Bettencourt in case some of you missed it!

Happy Thursday!!