Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We finally got our marriage license!

This post is a week late but better late than never :)

We drove down the road to Warwick City Hall last Wednesday…I love the architecture!


The process wasn’t bad at all…it took about 20 minutes, required our licenses and birth certificates, (we both now live at the same address so that made things easier), filled out the form, paid $24.00 and off we went!



I enjoy these old mementos!



One step closer!

As of this post: 11 days TO GO!

Still need to do:
-give a number to each table
-make placecards and print
-print tablenumbers
-print 125 programs (our Priest approved!)
-make cookie name cards for cookie buffet
-source sugar free cookies for the buffet
-final fitting is TOMORROW NIGHT 5/19!
-make final vendor payments
-pick a song to dance to with my Dad..tough one!
-sort out my Crate & Barrel tealight holders to see how many more I need to guy buy
-go buy C&B tealight holders
-get pens for guest book
-prepare goodie bags for hotel rooms
-wrap BM/GM and parents gifts
-go to Panera to put the breakfast order in for the morning of the wedding

is that it!?


Jessica said...

Ahh so exciting! Wait- your permit only cost $24?!?! So not fair, in Texas it cost us $72-- in cash! Booo....

Good luck with the rest of your to do list! I can't believe our weddings are soooo close now

Jasmine said...

You are so close!!!

I'm so excited for you! A marriage license... I thought the invitations made it seem real but the marriage license makes it legit! ;) yay!!!!

Shana said...

I need to get on getting our marriage license! Like yesterday!! Thanks for reminding me ;)

Laura *You Stir Me* said...

Just found you via your LLD feature! This list sounds totally normal and you should be proud of everything you've finished up until this point! 11 more days - aaaa, so excited for you! If your wedding is anything like your engagement shoot, it's going to be stunning! You know those butterflies you have in your stomach? Those don't leave after you're married, they keep fluttering:)

Now I'm off to spend an hour reading through all your other posts!

Moni said...

Yay! You are one step away from being a Mrs.! My to-do list looks pretty similar to yours too. Just tying up lose ends before the big day.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Yey! Doesn't it make it seem more official now? :)

Saying I do said...

yay!! so exciting!