Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Engagement Photo Guest Book

It came in! WE LOVE IT!





Front and back inside covers lined with gray paper


Next page with photographer’s name and shoot location


Next page has a little “blurb” about us and our day with the photo of where we met :-)


The rest of the pages have selected favorites from our shoot…about 20 or so…and the other 20 pages are for well-wishes from our guests.

I plan to buy magenta and turquoise archival felt-tip pens for writing. I chose uncoated stock for the book so the ink dries quicker on the pages.

I can’t say enough good things about Blurb!

For around $55.00 (including shipping) I designed my own book with a wide range of options to choose from. I ordered it on May 1, it shipped out of Washington state on May 5, and I had it in my hands via Fed Ex by May 12. It was the most streamlined process I’ve ever gone through for a book site and the site itself it so user friendly (at least I thought).

I downloaded Blurb Booksmart

and simply dragged and dropped our photos. They had a variety of typefaces to choose from so I used Georgia…I didn’t have time to be picky or else I’d have used the typefaces from our stationery. If I had more time and was doing a more involved book with text and graphics, I would have chosen the PDF to book. You can use InDesign and follow their guidelines but totally make the book your own.

Two thumbs up for Blurb!


Amanda said...

This came out great :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

It turned out so nice! Love blurb books!

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

i love it! i may have to check them out because i'd like to make a cute coffee table book of our engagement pictures soon.

Shana said...

It looks so lovely! I love your photos too :)

Miss Puppy Love said...

It turned out great! We used Blurb also for our engagement photo guestbook (used the PDF to Book option). I loved working with Blurb, and the quality turned out so great!

Kamie said...

Wow! This is awesome- I love it! What a great little keepsake!!

Kristin said...

I just got ours too! I did an engagement photo guest book on blub as well! I love it!!! I randomly found the site and just gave it a chance and now I'm hooked! I love your idea of the copyright on the front page...wish I would have thought of that! :)