Monday, May 16, 2011

Bachelorette highlights

My bachelorette finally arrived on Saturday May 7th! It was a surprise..though a couple of people slipped and I found out we were going to Foxwoods! BUT – I didn’t know what we were doing there so it was still mostly a surprise…at last minute, the dress code changed to dresses and those that wanted to wear one did. You only get ONE bachelorette!

Me and the college roomie…she got married last October!

bachelorette (28)

Matching cups!

bachelorette (33)

bachelorette (7)

Party bus time!

bachelorette (34)

We all got some classy pins that said “Kristina’s Bachelorette Party” with an engagement photo on it…thanks Erica!

bachelorette (16)

bachelorette (35)

bachelorette (37)

bachelorette (41)

Hey Foxwoods!

bachelorette (44)

First stop: High Rollers Bowling! LOVE!

We were all attracted to these gorgeous flowers on the appropriate!

bachelorette (6)

bachelorette (2)

Loving the shoes and dresses!


loved the d├ęcor in this place…can’t wait to go back! for 2 straight hours we bowled, ate delicious appetizers and had lots of yummy beverages


Next stop: Shrine!

bachelorette (10)

dancing the night away!

bachelorette (5)

Last stop: mmmmm gelato after lots of dancing!

bachelorette (12)

and this sums up the whole night…walking back to the bus at 1:30 with their shoes off


the next morning everyone brought a breakfast item…so good!!

bachelorette (1)

I had such an amazing time! It’s not often I get to go out with the girls. So many of us have very busy lives and can’t all get together at once…it was a great night! Thanks for the night ladies! Kudos to my sissy for planning!


Jessica said...

Looks like you had a good time! Love the dress, BTW!

Amanda said...

You look so happy! Glad you had a great Bachelorette party :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Looks like you girls had a wonderful time! Any reason to get together with your girls is a good time! :)

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

sounds like lots of fun!

Kamie said...

So fun! I love your dress and the pins you all wore too cute!!

Saying I do said...

wow! that looks like a fantastic time!