Friday, April 22, 2011

RSVP’s and Gravity

We’re nearly close to receiving every response…some folks missed the deadline but are still sending in…I’m glad I made the date well in advance for this reason.

It’s SO exciting seeing guests “Accept” our invitation! Just picturing our day, it’s going to be filled with family and friends from as far away as Germany and Los Angeles to as close as the street where I grew up that my family still lives on. I’m imagining us looking around and seeing everyone there for US…OUR special day. It brings such a smile to my face and I can’t believe the day is getting SO close.

My long-time friend Erin and her boyfriend are coming all the way from Los Angeles…Erin and I have been friends since FIRST GRADE…I miss those days of elementary school so much. She and her boyfriend are now professional photographers in Los Angeles.


I love her style! She’ll be capturing our rehearsal dinner for us :)

Really though…just thinking about every single person that will be in attendance at our wedding…it’s overwhelming and heartwarming…family and friends that have watched up grow up and become the adults we are today…friends we’ve made since college…people that we work with on a daily basis that have become friends…new family and friends that we have come to know in the last 5 years of dating each other…Then there are those who might not be able to be there…my maternal Grandfather is not well…my maternal Great Grandmother who is 91 on May 16th has Alzheimers and she will not be there (A pair of her Rosary beads will be wrapped around my bouquet handle – they are perfect and I’ll show them to you soon)…And there are those that have passed away…my Aunt, my paternal Grandmother and Grandfather, and my Great Aunt…his maternal Grandparents…we will be mentioning them at our ceremony of course and lighting candles at the reception…

This is the BIGGEST day of our lives. I’m not sure how I’m not going to be an emotional basket case. I’m not sure how I’m not going to be sobbing as I walk down the aisle with my Dad while everyone is watching us…while I’m looking at my future husband at the end of the aisle. I know..that was a mouthful.

Talk about gravity.


Mel {The Oceanside Bride} said...

Awwww yay!! That must be fun and I can't wait to get our RSVP's. We're still about one month out before we send ours. We're having a destination wedding so I pretty much know who's coming, but it still gives me goosebumps to think how special it will be! So excited for you!!

jacin {lovely little details} said...