Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Month to go!

Well, I was so busy yesterday that I failed to post this giant mark!! YESTERDAY the 29th was the one month mark!

We met with our DJ, Victor. We went over lots of details!! Ah cannot wait!

Thursday we had a phone conference with our videographer Dave Bettencourt…again, cannot wait! But before that we spent 3 hours looking at furniture.

Today we meet with our priest at 1:30 to go over lots of ceremony details….we kinda have to pick out readings and such! We’ve been so busy with the house I feel like the wedding has been put on the backburner. We bought new furniture yesterday and moved a bunch of stuff and we FORGOT to get our marriage license. Fail. Now I will have to meet him on one of my lunch breaks this week to get it…

On the plate today:

-Move more stuff to our new house’s basement
-Buy my bridal jewelry at Macy’s
-Buy bathroom accessories for our house…we’re hopefully spending our first night there Tuesday! Our new furniture comes then, and our new fridge comes Monday.
-Tanning (bachelorette is May 7th and, um, my WEDDING is 28 days away!)
-Get a MOVE on making our engagement photo guest book!!

How amazing was Kate Middleton’s dress?? It was totally her! I was up at 5:30 a.m.

Advice from a bridesmaid who just got married last October… ALL. GETS. DONE.


Kristin said...


It's true, it all gets done. Somehow, some way. It gets done. Delegate if you have to, but don't worry. YOUR WEDDING IS NEAR!!! :) :) :)


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

wow exciting! i love all the stuff you're about to do for the last month before you're married. ahh i can't wait for that day.

Jasmine said...

Woohoo!!! One month?!? That's amazing!

Amanda said...

Very, very exciting! Looks like you're right on track with all of your plans!

Saying I do said...

it's so crazy but I know how ya feel girl! have an amaaaazign time at your bachelorette party this weekend :) I just had mine and it was the best weekend ever!

Girllife said...

breathe breathe breathe. It will all get done. I know I already said this via the knot- but Delegate!!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh girl!!! So exciting! You are LESS than a month away! That's crazy! Enjoy these last few weeks, I'm sure they will fly by.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw, yey! Your one month was on our wedding day :) Enjoy!