Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More on Centerpieces

In a February post I told you about the Crate & Barrel tealight holders I plan to use on some of my tables.

Tonight I took a trip to A.C. Moore in search of tall cylinder vases and actually stumbled upon an aisle chock full of clearance candle holders!

Meet the center candle holder and pillar candle that will nestle in the center of the C&B tealight holders:

ac moore clearance candle holder

Unscented Ivory Pillar Candle on clearance: $2.00
Candle holder, 13.5 inches high, on clearance: $5.99!

Guess what else I got in the mail tonight? A floor plan from our venue! At last, I can visualize, officially….like, where EVERYTHING will go, how many tables we’ll have (because we’re close to having final guest counts)…it’s all feeling a bit better little by little.

 wedding floor plan

I scanned it and printed multiple copies so we can start to mark it up!

Back to centerpieces….I ran home and set these up…I wanted to test the pillar candle to see if it is dripless and smokeless. So far, so good. I LOVE how this looks…note that it’ll be on an ivory table cloth.

glass and candle centerpiece  glass and candle centerpiece

Bird’s eye

glass and candle centerpiece

Votives will also be mixed in for a “bottom level”.

Still in the hunt for LONG LASTING unscented white tealights…please let me know if you know of any!

Off to sleep…this girl needs some beauty rest!


Moni said...

Yay for clearance items! The centerpiece display looks great too. I bought unscented soy tea lights which are more expensive than traditional paraffin but they lasted close to 7 hours. I am using 9 for my Capiz Lotus candle holder centerpieces. I bought them from Amazon via Soyworx, 25 for $13.99. There is also traditional candles 125 for $9.99 but the burn time is not nearly as long as the soy candles.

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

BEAUTIFUL! i love how they look!

K5 Becomes a Bride said...

thank you!!

@moni - you rock! soy is the answer! :-D

sandytoesbride said...

Love the centerpieces!

Nicole-Lynn said...

The centerpiece mock up looks great! How nice you were able to find them on clearance! I love a good deal too :)

We received a layout of our room when we first booked the venue and I remember being so excited to see where everything would go, all the tables and everything. Very exciting :)

Jasmine said...

those look great!! and that's awesome that they were on clearance!! ;)

Kristin said...

I love the candles!!! I am definitely a candle person (over flowers). It's going to look beautiful! Can't wait to see it all together on the big day!