Tuesday, April 19, 2011

40 days left to go…still a lot to do!!

We’re meeting with our priest next week (at the one month mark!). One thing I failed to do was obtain my Baptism, Communion and Confirmation records :-) Thankfully, it took just 2 phone calls this morning to those parishes and they’re already in the mail. I was worried about obtaining my Communion and Confirmation records because my church closed last year and merged with another, but they found them without a problem.

So…Remember to obtain your records at least a month to 6 weeks in advance of your wedding day if you’re marrying outside of your parish.

Also on the agenda for next week:

-Meet with our DJ to work out details

-Obtain our marriage license from our city’s town hall

-Likely moving into our house! We have 4/28 and 4/29 off together from work (a blessing since we work opposite shifts right now)

-His Bachelor Party is Saturday night 4/30…which is awesome – I’ll get to organize at our house! (at least that’s the plan).

-Figure out my centerpiece situation – I wanted to do manzanita centerpieces and instead of buying them, I could utilize branches from our dogwood trees…well, I think they look scary.

So, I abandoned that idea. Then my florist suggested crystal chandelier centerpieces as she has a few. While browsing for crystal stuff, I found these gorgeous branches from Save-On-Crafts.com for $17 each. I ordered one to see what it looks like…we may use these on 6 tables flanking the dance floor and again in the foyer outside the ballroom. If I hate these, we’re going the crystal route!


-Part of the bridesmaids’ gifts came in last week! Can’t wait to post about these after the wedding…working on that scheduled post ;-) (Will post on 5/29). I have to get gift boxes and cards too.

-Parents gifts…TBD

-One groomsmen has yet to get his fitting, and I found out last night their tuxes don’t come with socks…fret not, because that means we can buy them some fun socks ;-)

Both from Express…Buy any 4 for $25! That’s a good buy.

image image

Which would you go with? They’re wearing all black (vest/tie/tux). The gray version’s blue matches the girls better, but honestly, they aren’t going to be seen in the same photo together.

Am I asking for trouble giving these guys colorful socks? I want cute pictures!

-Design placecards and table numbers
Jasmine’s blog inspired me for table numbers!

-Waiting on more RSVP’s….

-Second makeup trial sometime soon!

-Buy 2 bathing suits for honeymoon (I already have a bunch from last year’s cruise)…corral my summer clothing and see what I might need to buy (if anything).

-What else??


sandytoesbride said...

I like the lighter grey socks for more a pop of color. So cute!

Jasmine said...

yay for table numbers!!

you're so close =)

i like the lighter gray socks a lot... and i've been looking high and low for similar socks but ones that have pink in them -- so i'm definitely going to check express now!

Shana said...

Your getting so close!!!! I love the funky sock idea :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Sounds like a good list!

I also have to buy some bikini's for our honeymoon. That's on my to-do list this week! Also, I ordered a piece of grapewood for our sweetheart table from the same website! I should be receiving it this week. I hope it looks as it did online :)