Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Month to go!

Well, I was so busy yesterday that I failed to post this giant mark!! YESTERDAY the 29th was the one month mark!

We met with our DJ, Victor. We went over lots of details!! Ah cannot wait!

Thursday we had a phone conference with our videographer Dave Bettencourt…again, cannot wait! But before that we spent 3 hours looking at furniture.

Today we meet with our priest at 1:30 to go over lots of ceremony details….we kinda have to pick out readings and such! We’ve been so busy with the house I feel like the wedding has been put on the backburner. We bought new furniture yesterday and moved a bunch of stuff and we FORGOT to get our marriage license. Fail. Now I will have to meet him on one of my lunch breaks this week to get it…

On the plate today:

-Move more stuff to our new house’s basement
-Buy my bridal jewelry at Macy’s
-Buy bathroom accessories for our house…we’re hopefully spending our first night there Tuesday! Our new furniture comes then, and our new fridge comes Monday.
-Tanning (bachelorette is May 7th and, um, my WEDDING is 28 days away!)
-Get a MOVE on making our engagement photo guest book!!

How amazing was Kate Middleton’s dress?? It was totally her! I was up at 5:30 a.m.

Advice from a bridesmaid who just got married last October… ALL. GETS. DONE.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I’d be lost without Excel


As of today:



And I’ve mostly nailed down tables, dimensions, and such. This helps with place cards, types of centerpieces (size of table determines what type of centerpiece will be on that table) and my room layout. As you can see, we’re doing two head tables (since there are 16 of us total). Maid of Honor and Best Man will sit with us and the 6 Maids/Men will either sit above us or below us…right now I have us on the bottom tier.



In house news, our countertops are being delivered this morning!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Centerpiece Bargains

Thank you Christmas Tree Shop –- 23.5” inch tall vase for $12.99! After I bought 2 I remembered I had a 20% off coupon to the store, so I went back and bought 2 more for $10-ish each.

christmas tree shop tall vase

At I could have bought these at 2 for $24 but there would be shipping charges. I like the ones above better anyhow :-)


Way back when I had posted about these that I had scored at a yard sale:

tall pilsner vase

So I now have 7 tall vases! I’m thinking one at the placecard table and the other 6 flanking the dance floor – 3 on each side.

Still waiting on this branch to arrive:


Too bad our wedding wasn’t around this time…can’t get enough of these blossoms :-)


Hope everyone had a nice Easter!

5 WEEKS FROM TODAY…5 weeks from exactly the time that I’m writing this the formalities of the evening will likely be over and we’ll be getting down with our bad selves on the dance floor!

Friday, April 22, 2011

RSVP’s and Gravity

We’re nearly close to receiving every response…some folks missed the deadline but are still sending in…I’m glad I made the date well in advance for this reason.

It’s SO exciting seeing guests “Accept” our invitation! Just picturing our day, it’s going to be filled with family and friends from as far away as Germany and Los Angeles to as close as the street where I grew up that my family still lives on. I’m imagining us looking around and seeing everyone there for US…OUR special day. It brings such a smile to my face and I can’t believe the day is getting SO close.

My long-time friend Erin and her boyfriend are coming all the way from Los Angeles…Erin and I have been friends since FIRST GRADE…I miss those days of elementary school so much. She and her boyfriend are now professional photographers in Los Angeles.


I love her style! She’ll be capturing our rehearsal dinner for us :)

Really though…just thinking about every single person that will be in attendance at our wedding…it’s overwhelming and heartwarming…family and friends that have watched up grow up and become the adults we are today…friends we’ve made since college…people that we work with on a daily basis that have become friends…new family and friends that we have come to know in the last 5 years of dating each other…Then there are those who might not be able to be there…my maternal Grandfather is not well…my maternal Great Grandmother who is 91 on May 16th has Alzheimers and she will not be there (A pair of her Rosary beads will be wrapped around my bouquet handle – they are perfect and I’ll show them to you soon)…And there are those that have passed away…my Aunt, my paternal Grandmother and Grandfather, and my Great Aunt…his maternal Grandparents…we will be mentioning them at our ceremony of course and lighting candles at the reception…

This is the BIGGEST day of our lives. I’m not sure how I’m not going to be an emotional basket case. I’m not sure how I’m not going to be sobbing as I walk down the aisle with my Dad while everyone is watching us…while I’m looking at my future husband at the end of the aisle. I know..that was a mouthful.

Talk about gravity.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More on Centerpieces

In a February post I told you about the Crate & Barrel tealight holders I plan to use on some of my tables.

Tonight I took a trip to A.C. Moore in search of tall cylinder vases and actually stumbled upon an aisle chock full of clearance candle holders!

Meet the center candle holder and pillar candle that will nestle in the center of the C&B tealight holders:

ac moore clearance candle holder

Unscented Ivory Pillar Candle on clearance: $2.00
Candle holder, 13.5 inches high, on clearance: $5.99!

Guess what else I got in the mail tonight? A floor plan from our venue! At last, I can visualize, officially….like, where EVERYTHING will go, how many tables we’ll have (because we’re close to having final guest counts)…it’s all feeling a bit better little by little.

 wedding floor plan

I scanned it and printed multiple copies so we can start to mark it up!

Back to centerpieces….I ran home and set these up…I wanted to test the pillar candle to see if it is dripless and smokeless. So far, so good. I LOVE how this looks…note that it’ll be on an ivory table cloth.

glass and candle centerpiece  glass and candle centerpiece

Bird’s eye

glass and candle centerpiece

Votives will also be mixed in for a “bottom level”.

Still in the hunt for LONG LASTING unscented white tealights…please let me know if you know of any!

Off to sleep…this girl needs some beauty rest!

40 days left to go…still a lot to do!!

We’re meeting with our priest next week (at the one month mark!). One thing I failed to do was obtain my Baptism, Communion and Confirmation records :-) Thankfully, it took just 2 phone calls this morning to those parishes and they’re already in the mail. I was worried about obtaining my Communion and Confirmation records because my church closed last year and merged with another, but they found them without a problem.

So…Remember to obtain your records at least a month to 6 weeks in advance of your wedding day if you’re marrying outside of your parish.

Also on the agenda for next week:

-Meet with our DJ to work out details

-Obtain our marriage license from our city’s town hall

-Likely moving into our house! We have 4/28 and 4/29 off together from work (a blessing since we work opposite shifts right now)

-His Bachelor Party is Saturday night 4/30…which is awesome – I’ll get to organize at our house! (at least that’s the plan).

-Figure out my centerpiece situation – I wanted to do manzanita centerpieces and instead of buying them, I could utilize branches from our dogwood trees…well, I think they look scary.

So, I abandoned that idea. Then my florist suggested crystal chandelier centerpieces as she has a few. While browsing for crystal stuff, I found these gorgeous branches from for $17 each. I ordered one to see what it looks like…we may use these on 6 tables flanking the dance floor and again in the foyer outside the ballroom. If I hate these, we’re going the crystal route!


-Part of the bridesmaids’ gifts came in last week! Can’t wait to post about these after the wedding…working on that scheduled post ;-) (Will post on 5/29). I have to get gift boxes and cards too.

-Parents gifts…TBD

-One groomsmen has yet to get his fitting, and I found out last night their tuxes don’t come with socks…fret not, because that means we can buy them some fun socks ;-)

Both from Express…Buy any 4 for $25! That’s a good buy.

image image

Which would you go with? They’re wearing all black (vest/tie/tux). The gray version’s blue matches the girls better, but honestly, they aren’t going to be seen in the same photo together.

Am I asking for trouble giving these guys colorful socks? I want cute pictures!

-Design placecards and table numbers
Jasmine’s blog inspired me for table numbers!

-Waiting on more RSVP’s….

-Second makeup trial sometime soon!

-Buy 2 bathing suits for honeymoon (I already have a bunch from last year’s cruise)…corral my summer clothing and see what I might need to buy (if anything).

-What else??

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ran a mile tonight

Bought a Groupon for $10 that got me a month at Gold’s Gym…I began using it tonight…hopped on a treadmill to just “warm up” and I decided to run a mile…the second time in my entire life I’ve ever run a mile! The first time was late 2009, also on a treadmill while a member at the same gym.

Determination…stress, all these butterflies and this abundance of energy…I guess those things enabled me :-) I’m 7 pounds away from my high school weight…between renovating the house and being stressed out (I haven’t been eating my best) I’ve lost some weight.

Some photos of where my/our energy has been going since 2/18/11:

Kitchen Before:

ranch kitchen renovation before


Kitchen mostly after…waiting on countertops, floors to be polyurethaned, trim and appliances.

ranch kitchen renovation after

I painted every. wall. in. this. house….twice….oh and primed the living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom…and the ceilings in the bedrooms and bathroom…

More cool before and afters soon :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ceremony Music I

It’s about time to firm up our Catholic Wedding Ceremony music. I love traditional hymns. Something about an organ gives me goosebumps! I’ve also contacted some brass groups at the college I work at to see if any students are available to accompany are organist.

Here are some possible Prelude songs:

{ Currently undecided }

For my big march down the aisle with my Dad, I can only imagine this song…

Wagner’s Bridal Chorus

But, this is a possibility too:

Pachelbel’s Canon in D (gorgeous version)

Presentation of Gifts

Prayer of St. Francis



My deceased Grandmother Nina used to sing in her church’s chorus group…I remember her singing Amazing Grace all the time…Amazing Grace would be really special

Another lovely one is Ave Maria…brings tears to my eyes


Ode to Joy


Off to Palm Sunday Mass :-)

SIX WEEKS FROM TODAY (forget the days, I’m counting the measly weeks!) We become Husband and Wife <3
Got goosebumps writing that.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More shoe love

Found these on…

The Kate Spade Ollie Open-Toe Flat



I wish.

Gwyneth Shoes Carolina Flat



Ciao Bella Faithful Flat

(I know these are black…but, they SHOULD have them in Ivory! Breaks my heart…)


The broach…the leather rouching…perfect for me.





I still have these which I plan to embellish…but I still keep searching!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Honeymoon reveal, 50 days to go!

*This post was meant for Saturday and I scheduled it for today by mistake... 50...51, same difference! ;-)

50…fifty…yeah, 50, days to go!
That means we bought our home 50 days ago
Didn’t I just write how there were “85 days left to go” and I was thinking about Shower dresses?!
And…at the 4 month mark we bought our wedding bands…it sure feels like yesterday since we got engaged, let alone hit the 6-month mark.
Boy, you folks weren’t kidding when you said time is going to fly!
In previous posts I mentioned how I wanted our Honeymoon to be a surprise….and it was up until the second week of March. We were talking one night and I said “Well, you know that if you’re taking me on a cruise, I’m going to have to find out soon so I can plan my formal night attire accordingly :-) “ So he responded by saying that it’s much more fun anticipating a vacation together…after all, anticipation is half the fun of going on vacation! He made a point, and he told me, and I laughed and smiled and probably cried a few tears of joy…
WALT DISNEY WORLD and Sandals Whitehouse!!
We will spend 3 days at the Coronado Springs Resort!image
We have a 3-day Park-hopper pass so we’ll be enjoying:
Magic Kingdom – naturally!
EPCOT! My favorite part is the World of Nations.
And, Hollywood Studios!
From Orlando, we fly to Miami, then to Montego Bay, Jamaica, THEN hop on a Sandals transfer and take a 90-minute ride down to Sandals Whitehouse European Village!
We will spend 5 whole days here. And I can’t wait to get a massage!
The only negative thing I’ve heard about Sandals is the sand fleas…we’ll be packing bug spray for sure.
Ahhh…it’s getting so close!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Engagement Pictures This Saturday!

I’m weather stalking…Saturday looks perfect! Come on flowers, bloom for us!



One of my favorite Spring E-pic Shoots from our Photographer Jennifer Leatherwood!

Jennifer Leatherwood Photography


We have 3 outfits picked out…casual with dark jeans, and two dressier ones. Getting a mani/pedi tomorrow after work and my hairdresser will be styling my hair early Saturday morning :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Highlights from my Bridal Shower

“Wear two bags – all the good goes in the front bag and all the bad goes in the back.”
–Grandma Petrilli

That’s the advice my fiance’s Grandmother left on a “Words of Wisdom for Kristina” card. There were tons of other gems in the stack…I smiled as I read every one of them! I’ll share more with you in future posts.

Future hubs and I before he left :)

To be honest, I was very overwhelmed with opening all of my amazing gifts in front of that many people, but it was super exciting at the same time! We registered at Crate & Barrel, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond to give our guests a range of options and prices.

Here are some decor, gift and cake highlights...

Seating cards and tulips

Every guest entered the “Guess the Eggs” contest – very Spring/Easter-ish!


How appropriate? Table #5 (wasn’t taken on purpose!) and one of the pretty centerpieces.

My bridesmaids collectively gave me this AMAZING basket filled will tons of baking tools, a pie plate, dish towels, along with the pretty cupcake tree in the front and more that I haven’t even uncovered yet. Re-usable cupcake liners (bottom left) are awesome and I never knew they existed!

Some pretty gift wrap.


“I have to sit here in front of everyone and open all of these!?” :-)
I was nervous!
The cake from Wright’s Dairy Farm! This baby had real whipped cream topping (so it wasn’t death by sugar), yellow cake and a 1/4 inch layer of lemon filling….LEMON IS MY FAVORITE! The colors match the scheme of the wedding too ;-) Kudos to Wright’s Dairy Farm in North Smithfield, RI for this great cake.
My sis/MOH and I posing in front of the gorgeous/yummy cake she got!

The girls and I before the fun began

Opening a Crate & Barrel box – “Is this what I think it is??”
Yup! Margaritas glasses! I love mine frozen!

A few guests got really creative and used containers like laundry baskets or woven baskets to put other gifts inside of…smart!
Another lovely basket filled with tons of goodies! This one’s from my cousins.

An Oneida pizza stone with carrying handles – got a pizza cutter with it too :)
An awesome glass cake stand that doubles as a punch bowl if you turn the base upside-down and place the cover upside down so it rests on top of it. Genious!
Dan’s goddaughter was there helping with gifts…she’s soooo cute!
A Kitchen Aid Mixer from my Nana! She loves baking and she’s amazing at it. Funny story here: I unwrapped the package and when I ever saw that it was a Kitchen Aid Mixer, the first words out of my mouth were: “I can make sausage with this!!” haha (Obviously I know I can bake up a storm with it, but I love the attachments…I can also make pasta with it!.) Everyone got a kick out of it hence why I’m laughing so hard :-)

Phew! I’m done! Look at my “bow”-quet!!IMG_3528


I got so many amazing gifts like cobalt blue luggage!, our complete dinnerware set, servers, gorgeous platters, the list goes on…we’re so thankful and blessed! Thanks to my future mother-in-law, sister and bridesmaids for such a wonderful day.

32 days until my bachelorette!
54 days until the wedding!