Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Shower is Today! 70 days to go.

I can’t BELIEVE this day is finally here! It’s SO surreal….my ONE bridal shower, is here. Does anyone else feel like they have to keep repeating these things to themself??

What am I wearing?? The green dress I ordered from e-Shakti did not fit as planned. It made me look very wide in the hips so back it went!

I ended up scouring Warwick Mall and fell in love with this dress from New York & 15% off using my AAA card…it comes to my knees which was a must-have while sitting on front of a crowd opening gifts :-)


Got these great Steve Madden flats to go with it for $29.95 at DSW after a coupon!


I did want some color for spring, but this dress is great and have some colorful accessories to go with.

I have my little Vera Bradley Palm Beach Garden bag which I only bring out for special occasions…it’s white and I dirty bags very easily!


And maybe a magenta cardigan and bracelet…

I can’t wait to see all ladies in my life there at my shower!


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The Vintage Modern Bride said...

i'm so excited for you! i can't wait til i have my showers :)