Thursday, March 24, 2011

The invitations (and the process), at last

I’m so happy to be able to finally blog about my DIY invitations!

First, a big thank you to: Paperworks in Pawtucket, Rhode Island for supplying me with all the stock (they have a storefront or you can buy online), Image Printing in Warwick, Rhode Island for the superb digital printing job, Mountaincow for the envelope liners, Ann Marie Scofield in Cranston, Rhode Island for the gorgeous, affordable calligraphy, and my future in-laws for letting me take up their dining room table with all of this stuff!

The supplies:

-A ream of Neenah Classic Crest 80lb 8.5x11, Solar White
-A box of Neenah Classic Crest Solar White A7 Envelopes
-A box of Neenah Classic Crest Solar White A2 Envelopes (RSVP’s)
-Metallic blue stock for mounting the invitation
-A lovely peony stock image
-Envelope liners from Mountaincow
-Adhesive from Michaels
-Paper cutter
-LOVE stamps from USPS (I didn’t like the wedding ones offered this year)

The process took a while…it took me forever to finalize my design. Of course, I had nearly 2 years to think about what I wanted, but when it came down to the week of sending these things off to print, I completely changed my design (which was just text before), and added a romantic, sketched peony. I went from vertical to horizontal layout, and I chose to stay with simple black ink. There is just something classic and formal about black ink on white paper. Maybe it’s my training in design that makes me love black forms on a white background.

First, I trimmed the 8.5x11 metallic stock down to size and got 2 5x7 mats out of each.

DSC00471 DSC00474

The remnants I am saving and want think of something creative to do with these for the reception.


I neatly stacked them in piles of 10 to keep track – I cut about 120 (60 sheets) and still have extra.


Then I ordered samples from Mountaincow. I wanted something patterned to break up the ensemble and originally wanted a pop of yellow, but decided to stick with swirly black on white…it turns out it looked great with calligraphy, but you never end up seeing the two together.

mountain cow envelope liners 

mountaincow envelope liners

So here are the liners as they come in a package. They are scored so all you have to do is fold and the edge is perfectly straight!

 mountaincow envelope liners 

They came with handy glue strips.


Simply peel…


Insert the folded envelope liner…

mountaincow envelope liners

mountaincow envelope liners

Apply the strip to the backside of the liner flap…


Peel the paper from the glue strip…


and you are left with a clear strip of glue.


Then you fold the actual envelope flap down to adhere it to the liner.

mountaincow envelope liners

120 of these took a few nights and a lot of patience, but it is worth it for the look! Without the liners, the envelope was kind of transparent and I didn’t want the RSVP envelope text showing through.


Next was matting.


Without this handy adhesive contraption from Michael’s, it would have taken me days to cut glue strips and mat invites.




Here is the ensemble…oh, I forgot to mention earlier – I took a couple hours to apply all the stamps first, after calligraphy and printing, so that I could just stuff and seal when it came time to do so. It just made the process more streamlined.

k5 designs wedding invitations k5 designs wedding invitations DSC00636

Miss kitty, pretending to be a good helper, but really she kept jumping on the table every 5 seconds.


I then stuffed the contents into all the envelopes with the help of future hubs…I placed the invitation first with the RSVP card and Reception card behind it. The RSVP card was tucked inside it’s envelope flap. And then it was time to seal! Thanks Nicole P. for helping on that front!


WHAT a relief! 


At the Post Office on my lunch break on Tuesday! I also sent one invitation to Germany which I put in a slightly padded envelope with some cardboard for safe travels.


RSVP date: April 15th!

If you’d like to see a PDF of my invitation, please email me at


Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh wow, they're so pretty! I love them, and you did such a great job! How exciting they're out in the mail now! Don't you feel so releived? When we got to the point of sending our our invites I felt almost rushed because I just wanted them in the mail already! :) It was fun to hear our friends and families reactions after they received them.

Cute pics! Now is the fun part, receiving all of your RSVP's! Enjoy!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh, I can't even express how much I LOVE your invitation suite! There's no question you're an artist haha. Isn't it such a relief when you mail those suckers out?? I remember breathing the biggest sigh of relief at the post office when I sent ours off. Hooray for you guys!!

Jasmine said...

congrats! they're so pretty! yay for finishing them!!!


Saying I do said...

very impressive!! Congratulations!

Moni said...

I love it! They came out great!

Kristin said...

Wow girl! What a ton of work!!! They turned out amazing! It must be such a relief to have that done!!!

Shana said...

You have done an amazing job on your invites! and the envelope liners look great :)

I just found your blog!

K5 Becomes a Bride said...

thank you everyone!!

Jessica said...

Hey! Thanks so much for your comment! :)

I LOVE your invites! So cute, and cool that you did so much DIY! Wish I had the creativity for that... haha!