Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fitness update

Well, since we’ve been working on the house, working out has taken a back seat. However, running around and laboriously working on the house has kept me “working out” to an extent…painting ceilings and walls definitely works the upper body, lifting heavy things will keep my butt and legs in shape, and we’ll be moving soon. I think stress has also played a role in keeping the weight off, not necessarily a good thing, but I’m 8 pounds away from being my high school weight.

For Lent, I gave up candy which hasn’t been so bad thus far, but today is St. Joseph’s Day, and for Italians, that means eating Zeppole! Today is also the 8th anniversary of my italian Grandma’s passing. Her name was Annina (everyone called her Nina). I love that name and am trying to convince future hubby to name one of our daughters after her someday :) Here I am on my First Communion Day with her. (I was not taller than her at that point, I was just standing on a bench haha) 

So, every zeppola I eat is in Grandma’s honor :-)

The incredible Groupon had a great offer for a $10 Gold’s Gym membership for 30 days. Now this was a score – normally one month is $39. Honestly, I think in the last month leading up to the wedding after we’ve moved in and things kinda settle down, I will be under the gun fitness wise and enjoy my gym time. I haven’t kept up with Jillian. I haven’t had a spare 30 minutes to even feel like working out lately!

I guess my advice to brides is, don’t kill yourself. During the last few months of the wedding if you just focus on eating well and get a good walk in here and there during your lunch break, it really helps. If you’re like us and just bought a house 3 months before the wedding, you’re going to be busy (maybe) renovating or at least moving in. Stress can ADD pounds if you don’t learn some type of way to deal with it.

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