Friday, March 4, 2011

85 days to go

Pretty overwhelmed right now with house renovations, remembering to do wedding tasks and working everyday!

The view out the bathroom window last Saturday:


By the end of tomorrow, we should have a completely brandy-new roof on top of our house thanks to my fiance’s uncle, cousin and family…so grateful!

Wedding news:
I dropped off the outer envelopes to the calligrapher yesterday…hope to have them back by 3/14 so we can assemble and send out by 3/21! That’s a huge step in the invitation process…I can’t wait to unveil the final product!

I bought this as a potential shower dress!

eshakti dress

Shocked myself and went with spring green. But I love the retro cut and I need other colors in my wardrobe aside from blue :)

16 days until my shower…I’m getting so nervous and excited! I don’t do well in front of crowds nor do I enjoy opening gifts in front of people…But, I’ll have my lovely maids by my side so I am looking forward to a fun day :-)

I leave you with one of my favorite scenes from West Side Story, my FAVORITE musical. I just love old movies.


Nicole-Lynn said...

Time is flying :) We're not doing any renovations on our house just yet, but we are trying to still unpack and get settled so it's taking time away from the wedding planning/projects, and other stuff. We're planning to re-do our roof this summer, as well as some of the windows the previous home owner didn't get around to (some are redone). Owning a house is a lot of work (and money! haha). I'm looking forward to seeing how your house looks and hope you'll post more about it.

Cute dress, only 16 days till your shower how fun! Mine is 12 days away! I'm getting so excited and kinda nervous! haha

Saying I do said...

that dress is amaaazing...I kind of want it too..that green color is perfect! Great choice!