Thursday, March 31, 2011

What goes up must come down

Tuesday 3/22 I sent out the invitations…now we’re getting tons of responses! A wonderful thing!

But, to stay organized, I’ve re-purposed an empty envelope box for incoming RSVP’s. I’ve received about 30 so far. Every day I enter who is/isn’t coming along with their meal choices. I didn’t want to leave the tallying portion until the end so I’m trying to stay on top of it.


I must say, it’s fun opening the RSVP’s and reading guests’ little notes to us.

Getting lots of compliments on the invites, too :)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

The invitations (and the process), at last

I’m so happy to be able to finally blog about my DIY invitations!

First, a big thank you to: Paperworks in Pawtucket, Rhode Island for supplying me with all the stock (they have a storefront or you can buy online), Image Printing in Warwick, Rhode Island for the superb digital printing job, Mountaincow for the envelope liners, Ann Marie Scofield in Cranston, Rhode Island for the gorgeous, affordable calligraphy, and my future in-laws for letting me take up their dining room table with all of this stuff!

The supplies:

-A ream of Neenah Classic Crest 80lb 8.5x11, Solar White
-A box of Neenah Classic Crest Solar White A7 Envelopes
-A box of Neenah Classic Crest Solar White A2 Envelopes (RSVP’s)
-Metallic blue stock for mounting the invitation
-A lovely peony stock image
-Envelope liners from Mountaincow
-Adhesive from Michaels
-Paper cutter
-LOVE stamps from USPS (I didn’t like the wedding ones offered this year)

The process took a while…it took me forever to finalize my design. Of course, I had nearly 2 years to think about what I wanted, but when it came down to the week of sending these things off to print, I completely changed my design (which was just text before), and added a romantic, sketched peony. I went from vertical to horizontal layout, and I chose to stay with simple black ink. There is just something classic and formal about black ink on white paper. Maybe it’s my training in design that makes me love black forms on a white background.

First, I trimmed the 8.5x11 metallic stock down to size and got 2 5x7 mats out of each.

DSC00471 DSC00474

The remnants I am saving and want think of something creative to do with these for the reception.


I neatly stacked them in piles of 10 to keep track – I cut about 120 (60 sheets) and still have extra.


Then I ordered samples from Mountaincow. I wanted something patterned to break up the ensemble and originally wanted a pop of yellow, but decided to stick with swirly black on white…it turns out it looked great with calligraphy, but you never end up seeing the two together.

mountain cow envelope liners 

mountaincow envelope liners

So here are the liners as they come in a package. They are scored so all you have to do is fold and the edge is perfectly straight!

 mountaincow envelope liners 

They came with handy glue strips.


Simply peel…


Insert the folded envelope liner…

mountaincow envelope liners

mountaincow envelope liners

Apply the strip to the backside of the liner flap…


Peel the paper from the glue strip…


and you are left with a clear strip of glue.


Then you fold the actual envelope flap down to adhere it to the liner.

mountaincow envelope liners

120 of these took a few nights and a lot of patience, but it is worth it for the look! Without the liners, the envelope was kind of transparent and I didn’t want the RSVP envelope text showing through.


Next was matting.


Without this handy adhesive contraption from Michael’s, it would have taken me days to cut glue strips and mat invites.




Here is the ensemble…oh, I forgot to mention earlier – I took a couple hours to apply all the stamps first, after calligraphy and printing, so that I could just stuff and seal when it came time to do so. It just made the process more streamlined.

k5 designs wedding invitations k5 designs wedding invitations DSC00636

Miss kitty, pretending to be a good helper, but really she kept jumping on the table every 5 seconds.


I then stuffed the contents into all the envelopes with the help of future hubs…I placed the invitation first with the RSVP card and Reception card behind it. The RSVP card was tucked inside it’s envelope flap. And then it was time to seal! Thanks Nicole P. for helping on that front!


WHAT a relief! 


At the Post Office on my lunch break on Tuesday! I also sent one invitation to Germany which I put in a slightly padded envelope with some cardboard for safe travels.


RSVP date: April 15th!

If you’d like to see a PDF of my invitation, please email me at

Monday, March 21, 2011

Amazing Shower!

Just a quick post before I dive back into invitation assembly…

There must have been about 70 women at my shower…can we say overwhelming?? Yes :-) It was an amazing time, I barely ate because I was so nervous and I opened an enormous amount of fantastic gifts!! Can’t wait to share. Dan and I stood next to the two tables after we got everything back to the new house’s basement and just couldn’t believe our eyes…we’re so thankful!


Karey, the girl in cobalt next to me, assembled my bouquet of bows and ribbons…she could make a living doing this! Will share a larger photo later.

Back to invitations! 69 days to go!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Shower is Today! 70 days to go.

I can’t BELIEVE this day is finally here! It’s SO surreal….my ONE bridal shower, is here. Does anyone else feel like they have to keep repeating these things to themself??

What am I wearing?? The green dress I ordered from e-Shakti did not fit as planned. It made me look very wide in the hips so back it went!

I ended up scouring Warwick Mall and fell in love with this dress from New York & 15% off using my AAA card…it comes to my knees which was a must-have while sitting on front of a crowd opening gifts :-)


Got these great Steve Madden flats to go with it for $29.95 at DSW after a coupon!


I did want some color for spring, but this dress is great and have some colorful accessories to go with.

I have my little Vera Bradley Palm Beach Garden bag which I only bring out for special occasions…it’s white and I dirty bags very easily!


And maybe a magenta cardigan and bracelet…

I can’t wait to see all ladies in my life there at my shower!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fitness update

Well, since we’ve been working on the house, working out has taken a back seat. However, running around and laboriously working on the house has kept me “working out” to an extent…painting ceilings and walls definitely works the upper body, lifting heavy things will keep my butt and legs in shape, and we’ll be moving soon. I think stress has also played a role in keeping the weight off, not necessarily a good thing, but I’m 8 pounds away from being my high school weight.

For Lent, I gave up candy which hasn’t been so bad thus far, but today is St. Joseph’s Day, and for Italians, that means eating Zeppole! Today is also the 8th anniversary of my italian Grandma’s passing. Her name was Annina (everyone called her Nina). I love that name and am trying to convince future hubby to name one of our daughters after her someday :) Here I am on my First Communion Day with her. (I was not taller than her at that point, I was just standing on a bench haha) 

So, every zeppola I eat is in Grandma’s honor :-)

The incredible Groupon had a great offer for a $10 Gold’s Gym membership for 30 days. Now this was a score – normally one month is $39. Honestly, I think in the last month leading up to the wedding after we’ve moved in and things kinda settle down, I will be under the gun fitness wise and enjoy my gym time. I haven’t kept up with Jillian. I haven’t had a spare 30 minutes to even feel like working out lately!

I guess my advice to brides is, don’t kill yourself. During the last few months of the wedding if you just focus on eating well and get a good walk in here and there during your lunch break, it really helps. If you’re like us and just bought a house 3 months before the wedding, you’re going to be busy (maybe) renovating or at least moving in. Stress can ADD pounds if you don’t learn some type of way to deal with it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yes, I know, I’ve been MIA

Things that have been consuming my life: Work, working on the house and errands for the house, wedding projects and errands to complete those tasks, and life. I’m exhausted. I have LOTS to share with you on the wedding front including my branches centerpiece project, invitations, and my shower is this Sunday! The house is moving right along, as is life, and I feel like I can’t get a grip!

Stay tuned for some great updates :-)

Friday, March 4, 2011

85 days to go

Pretty overwhelmed right now with house renovations, remembering to do wedding tasks and working everyday!

The view out the bathroom window last Saturday:


By the end of tomorrow, we should have a completely brandy-new roof on top of our house thanks to my fiance’s uncle, cousin and family…so grateful!

Wedding news:
I dropped off the outer envelopes to the calligrapher yesterday…hope to have them back by 3/14 so we can assemble and send out by 3/21! That’s a huge step in the invitation process…I can’t wait to unveil the final product!

I bought this as a potential shower dress!

eshakti dress

Shocked myself and went with spring green. But I love the retro cut and I need other colors in my wardrobe aside from blue :)

16 days until my shower…I’m getting so nervous and excited! I don’t do well in front of crowds nor do I enjoy opening gifts in front of people…But, I’ll have my lovely maids by my side so I am looking forward to a fun day :-)

I leave you with one of my favorite scenes from West Side Story, my FAVORITE musical. I just love old movies.