Sunday, February 6, 2011

It’s all coming together!

Thursday I met with my florist again to go over more details and how we’ll be setting up the tables. Because there are 16 of us in the wedding party, we’re figuring 2 head tables – 8 seated at each – and 22-24 round tables for the guests, varying between 60” and 72” rounds. Before we even begin to get RSVP’s I’m going to do a mock table layout with guests so we can figure out even further how many of each size table we might have. I’ll be doing a mix of centerpieces and it’s important to know how many of each type we’ll need, as some are based on table size.

One type of table will have all glass and tealights at varying heights on top of a mirror base:

I bought a bunch of Crate & Barrel candle holders from a bride…I originally saw these when they first debuted and fell in love. When I found the bride selling them at a discounted price because she’d already used them, I was elated!


Other tables will have an assortment of short frosted glass vases filled with single-blooms, in white, surrounded by votives, like this:
 single bloom centerpieces

And the remaining tables will have the manzanita centerpieces I’m still dying to make! (They will be made as soon as there is space – beginning end of February!)

Saturday was pretty much a “get stuff done for the wedding” day!

I picked up my dress from the seamstress to bring it to the Bridal Garden to find my veil. Two of my best friends/bridesmaids came along and between their honest opinions and the ladies at the Bridal Garden, I found the perfect veil! I tried about 15 veils on from fingertip length to cathedral length. The one I decided on will have a detachable blusher with no detail, and the second part has splash of almost the exact beading on my dress and it ends just above where the detail on the back of my dress begins (waist line). I also discovered that putting cups in my dress honestly made everything feel so much better! haha Nothing wrong with a little padding assistance. As usual the ladies at the Bridal Garden were amazing to work with!

Then I brought my dress back down to the seamstress and we had my first fitting…it’s feeling more real by the day. I go back on March 10 with my veil and petticoat. Rose is fantastic and I’m so happy to have her play a role in my wedding day!

In the afternoon we went to the Crowne for our first details meeting! Meal choices, linens, and all of that fun stuff were written down….we’re also doing a signature cocktail! I love the idea of a blue cocktail to carry the color through the night.


Off to cook some buffalo chicken wings for the Superbowl!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw yey for progress! I love your centerpiece ideas! So nice! It's going to look awesome!

I'm a little afraid to get my first fitting done! I've been trying to loose weight and I'm putting it off as much as I can, but plan to go in March. That's great you were able to find your veil! I ordered mine through an Etsy shop and should be getting it in this week! Looking forward to trying it on with my dress.

Have a nice week ahead!

Mrs. Wedding Crasher said...

LOVE the centerpieces!

Chocolate Lover said...

Sounds like a great day! Love the centerpieces by the way! My favorite way to assemble flowers is just as in that pic.

jacin {lovely little details} said...

can i come? :) it's going to be gorgeous!!!!