Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrating one week of homeownership


One week ago today we were high on happiness and had already stripped the living room of wallpaper!


We’re still happy one week later!

Saturday we ordered our new kitchen cabinets! And, we worked on stripping the kitchen wallpaper which had this lovely retro pattern.


Sunday we washed glue off the walls and one of my best friends/bridesmaids stopped by to help.

washing glue

Thank goodness for dads, uncles and grandfathers…the kitchen got stripped Saturday and Sunday.


Then the wall between the kitchen and living room got stripped down to the studs.

wall gone

wall gone2

After cleanup, a new L-shaped wall was built which will contain the refrigerator and pantry. It will also help to support the header beam which serves as reinforcement for the ceiling since the original load-bearing wall has been removed.

ranch kitchen remodel

Across from this, (to the left in the photo) a half wall with a column was built. The column will be the other support for the header. Photos to come later.

We had a dumpster delivered yesterday because we’ll also be putting on a new roof…photo taken this morning, a very rainy day…just want this snow to disappear already!


Here are the three bedrooms all before paint and carpet removal:

(bonus – hardwoods are under the living room and bedroom carpeting!)

Future office

office_1 office_2


Since both of us will share the spare, it will be modern with punches of color…a rich gray would be perfect…


…along with a colorful landscape painting of mine. He loves oranges, reds and blues, and I just appreciate all colors, so we’ll make it work!

k5 designs abstract acylic landscape painting


Guest bedroom/second TV room




We have a futon that will need a slipcover, a retro camel colored leather couch and a black TV stand that will house my future hubs’ video games (not sure if he knows that yet :-D )



master_1 master_2


We both LOVE blue. Our current bedroom situation is, in a word, chaotic. We want a peaceful retreat, without posters and noise on the walls, without my art stuff, and without piles of wedding and sports illustrated magazines everywhere. Our stuff will finally have a place in our new house and our bedroom will be a bedroom!

I think a deeper accent blue will go on the wall where our bed will be, to anchor the room.



Finally, the bathroom

3 people said it was a Victoria’s Secret bathroom (the walls at least!)



I despise the floral decals on the wall tile – why did they have to go and ruin a perfectly good wall of white tiles??? I really hope to remedy that in the future…the floor isn’t so bad.. the small tiles are cobalt/midnight blue…my inspiration for the new wall color. I also hate the medicine cabinet and light fixture.


Obsessed with white and navy.


lithonia lighting home depot

silver mirror


HomeGoods anyone? :)

This Saturday and Sunday will be painting galore and the roof is getting stripped.

Can you say PROGRESS?

We are feeling very thankful.

Friday, February 18, 2011

100 days AND we bought a house today!

Champagne: check!!

By the time this baby posts we should be giddy new homeowners!!! A huge day in the wedding countdown AND we close on a house….perfect!

We really went through the ringer as far as trying to buy a house goes (as I’m sure many people are these days)…we tried for 2 short sales in 2010, both fell through and completely wasted our time. We hate sellers’ banks. We jumped back on the hunting bandwagon right after Christmas not knowing when or if we would find a house in time to be moved in before the wedding. We must have looked at 15-20 houses in 2-3 weeks time and finally found an adorable 3-bed ranch in an amazing neighborhood where we already know many wonderful people :) We’ve been wanting to move out on our own for a long time now and this is just a huge day for us! We’ll be re-modeling the kitchen, taking down wallpaper (lots of it), painting bedrooms and refinishing hardwoods…we have our work cut out for us but we couldn’t be HAPPIER!


Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So excited for Friday!

Not only will Friday mark 100 days to go until the wedding, but…another momentous occasion will be occurring….and you’ll have to wait until Friday to find out what that is :)

Currently overcoming that yucky stomach bug that everyone else has! Second Valentine’s Day in a row I was sick. 

Here’s to a healthy, happy Wednesday!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

FOR SALE Reminder

Just a reminder that I have a BRAND NEW, NEVER WORN pair of ivory flats for sale.

View them here >

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Looking for cute dresses

So I have my shower coming up on March 20 (first day of spring!), I think my bachelorette is May 7 (waiting for the girls to tell me what I should wear!), and May 28 will be our rehearsal.

I’m in love with all things 1940’s and 1950’s…from the hair to the shoes, I love it all. Then I found eShakti…

Here are some of my prospects…

$54.95, and for custom sizing it’s an extra $7.50…love it.


$54.95 and for custom sizing it’s an extra $7.50
*also a wear-to-work style…great for the office during the warmer months.




$54.95 and for custom sizing it’s an extra $7.50




$59.95 and for custom sizing it’s an extra $7.50


Love the detail on this one.


Depending on the dress, maybe some pearls and peep-toe flats…

Our Honeymoon Plans

I don’t know about them! I wanted our honeymoon to be completely planned by my fiance and I want to be surprised literally at the last possible second…preferably the airport gate. But it might happen when we check our bags in.. we’ll see. haha

So, we had talked about doing a few days in Disneyworld…

walt disney world

then spending 4-5 days at a Sandals resort…
(Sandals Grande St. Lucian pictured below)

Sandals Grande St. Lucian

The possibilities are endless…well, he DID tell me we’re going to some place warm….but that doesn’t really narrow things down since most places are warm the first week of June :)

He keep joking with me, telling me we’re going to Grandma’s house, or Kansas:

We’re actually huge science and weather buffs so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we came here…we could chase tornadoes! haha I know he’s joking though.

It could be a cruise…he was randomly asking me things about a cruise the other night…I might be on to something!

I’d love to cruise to Antigua!


106 days to go….and 108 days until I find out where we’re going.

*Since he did tell me we’re going someplace warm, I get to start thinking about packing… i.e. cute bathing suits, cover ups, sun dresses and sandals! What a great way to beat the winter blues :) Stay tuned for some posts on cute finds.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Invitations are in!

Picked them up from the printers today! I could not be happier with the outcome…can’t wait to reveal.

Next, the outer envelopes will go to our calligrapher. But, actually, before that, I need to tidy up our guest list and make sure everything is spelled correctly!

Then, the assembly will begin, and they shall be dropped in the mail between 3/19 and 3/21!

107 days to go!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It’s all coming together!

Thursday I met with my florist again to go over more details and how we’ll be setting up the tables. Because there are 16 of us in the wedding party, we’re figuring 2 head tables – 8 seated at each – and 22-24 round tables for the guests, varying between 60” and 72” rounds. Before we even begin to get RSVP’s I’m going to do a mock table layout with guests so we can figure out even further how many of each size table we might have. I’ll be doing a mix of centerpieces and it’s important to know how many of each type we’ll need, as some are based on table size.

One type of table will have all glass and tealights at varying heights on top of a mirror base:

I bought a bunch of Crate & Barrel candle holders from a bride…I originally saw these when they first debuted and fell in love. When I found the bride selling them at a discounted price because she’d already used them, I was elated!


Other tables will have an assortment of short frosted glass vases filled with single-blooms, in white, surrounded by votives, like this:
 single bloom centerpieces

And the remaining tables will have the manzanita centerpieces I’m still dying to make! (They will be made as soon as there is space – beginning end of February!)

Saturday was pretty much a “get stuff done for the wedding” day!

I picked up my dress from the seamstress to bring it to the Bridal Garden to find my veil. Two of my best friends/bridesmaids came along and between their honest opinions and the ladies at the Bridal Garden, I found the perfect veil! I tried about 15 veils on from fingertip length to cathedral length. The one I decided on will have a detachable blusher with no detail, and the second part has splash of almost the exact beading on my dress and it ends just above where the detail on the back of my dress begins (waist line). I also discovered that putting cups in my dress honestly made everything feel so much better! haha Nothing wrong with a little padding assistance. As usual the ladies at the Bridal Garden were amazing to work with!

Then I brought my dress back down to the seamstress and we had my first fitting…it’s feeling more real by the day. I go back on March 10 with my veil and petticoat. Rose is fantastic and I’m so happy to have her play a role in my wedding day!

In the afternoon we went to the Crowne for our first details meeting! Meal choices, linens, and all of that fun stuff were written down….we’re also doing a signature cocktail! I love the idea of a blue cocktail to carry the color through the night.


Off to cook some buffalo chicken wings for the Superbowl!