Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update on the Shred

Here’s a re-cap of the last few workouts:

I am loving the 30 minute workout! I can workout and get ready in just over one hour. I could try to work this into my morning routine eventually.

Note: Find all of these updates in my new Fitness Log page over in the left column.

Today is Tuesday 1/18/11 - Almost 24 hours after my last workout, I’m feeling great. Feeling stronger in all the right places – legs, lower back and core. Will be doing the Shred for a second straight day tonight after work. (I think you’re supposed to do it for 30 consecutive days, but I’m taking it slow in the beginning.)

Monday, 1/17/11 - Did the Shred. Definitely broke a sweat, and still very challenging. The cardio part is an excellent interval with “jump rope", lots of jumping jacks and butt kicks. Will be upping the hand weights from 3’s to 5's or 8's for some of the moves to get a better upper body workout.

Saturday, 1/15/11 - Tried the Yoga Meltdown, Level 1. Having taken about 10 yoga classes in the past year, I knew many of the poses. However, if you have never taken any classes, you might want to watch Level 1 first, then do it. Very quick transitions, not much time to look up without hurting your neck :-) Felt a little sore, but not as much as I'd like to have felt...I had to stop a lot to see what she was doing. 

Wednesday, 1/12/11 - Had a snow day from work, did Jillian's Level 1 on the Shred. Definitely an intense workout and wonder about the effectiveness of the 3-pound hand weights I used throughout. Sore the next two days.

Tuesday, 1/11/11 - Purchased Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred as well as her Yoga Meltdown.

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