Sunday, January 16, 2011

Third wedding day shoe purchase

It continues… I received my third purchase yesterday.

(Remember my first and second purchases?)

So, here is #3…the Dessy Satin Peep-toe Flats in Ivory, size 11.

Online view



In Person


The soles have a really soft gray suede lining and a little extra cushion in the heel.



Front top view…these things look huge.



Back view…weird wrinkles, but maybe that’s the “style”.



I guess if you like bows, these are for you. They have a more casual feel with these bows, which I’m definitely removing and replacing with something dressier.




And….without further adieu, here they are, on.

Excuse the veiny feet and sock impressions around the ankles…I got home late last night to find the package and was so excited to try them on!

So, um, they’re HUGE. Not only do I have a ton of room to spare in the top, they flopped off of my as I walked.


These run insanely big. I am a true size 11 but these felt like 12’s or 13’s. The material feels like it has some give, so I KIND of have a feeling I could get away with 9’s.

Conclusion: I do think these are my wedding shoes. They’d be comfortable and I could most definitely style these up…and I’m pretty sure they’re a dead match for the ivory of my dress…as much as I hate to wear ivory shoes after swearing I’d wear blue.

Dessy does not have an exchange policy, as noted here. So, I had to place another order for 2 more pairs – sizes 9 AND 10, just to be on the safe side…and return these 11’s. For a site like Dessy that is so widely advertised and talked about, I would like to think they have their acts together. But now I have to absorb all these shipping charges so this pair of flats will likely end up costing $50 bucks before embellishing. Oy.

Shoe update to follow when I receive the new shipment!


jacin {lovely little details} said...

love 'em!!

Jasmine said...

I love them!~ I love the wrinkles on the back! Very cute!

Saying I do said...

very cute! Good luck finding your perfect pair of shoe! I just found mine on, very good site with great return policy!

Auntie April said...

Shoes are GREAT! A little big but you will need room for embellishments! I like the bow look but not the canvas lloking material of these bows. How about a floral embellishment?