Monday, January 17, 2011

Taming the beast: Invitations

Designing for one’s self is, in a word, challenging. All of these ideas are flowing in my head for invitations the more I browse blogs and wedding sites. Today, I decided on the following decisions so I can put this matter to rest ONCE AND FOR ALL.

1.) STOP browsing blogs and wedding sites in search of further inspiration for my invites. Simply appreciate what I see, and carry on. What I’ve already designed is simple, beautiful and very appropriate for our wedding. There are roughly 4 months to go and other details require attention. MOVE ON. No one is going to care more than me what these things look like. Most will end up in the trash.

2.) I’m going with patterned bellybands to keep the suite together. Why? Well, they’re pretty, for one.

Secondly, they cost less.

For argument’s sake we’ll use 120 for the actual count.

Pocketfolds would cost $82.80 + shipping if I went with the Turquoise 5x7.

Patterned bellybands will cost $45.00 + shipping. They come in packs of 25 and I’d need 5 packs…a discount is applied if you buy 5-8 packs. Sweet! I’ll order the Flourish or Garden print on Crystal metallic with Turquoise ink.

3.) Figure out how I’ll clasp the bellybands…whether with a 2x2 square, circle, or custom shape, or wax seal…whatever is cheapest and looks best.

4.) I will get three printing quotes this week from 3 local printers and compare to a site I found online that does small digital runs:

Smartpress has a pearly metallic stock called Ice Silver that comes from Appleton Coated’s Curious Collection…an amazing collection!

Here’s a quote from Smartpress:

120 count 5x7 invites on #110 Cover, Ice Silver, color ink = $90.35 (includes shipping)

1 insert + 1 RSVP card, both 4.5x5.5, on #110 Cover, Ice Silver, color ink = $128.30 total…they split orders! Great cost savings.

4.) Envelopes I will determine this week…I promise!

5.) I booked a calligrapher last week for outer envelopes!

That feels better. :-)


jacin {lovely little details} said...

amen to #1!! :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your invites are going to be gorgeous!! I had the same sad realization that they would mostly end up in the trash, too... it was kind of depressing, but it kept me from freaking out too much about the invites. I did my best, and on we went. Besides, your guests are going to be impressed with whatever you send them! And they're just psyched to see your wedding, so you're probably smart to not stress about the invites too much more! :)