Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our tasting at the Crowne Plaza


Cocktail hour kicked off the tasting in the Plaza Ballroom. Hors d’oeuvres were passed and cheese, vegetable and shrimp cocktail displays were set up. A wine table and bar were also set up where we could sample drinks.

Finally the doors opened and we got to our assigned table. We were with 3 other couples and one couples’ parents. It was definitely tight with 10 people at the table..will have to keep this in mind when it comes time for seating charts.

Not crazy about the decor or look of the table we had. I think we’ll have folded napkins instead of stuffing the saucers. Each table at the tasting had a different look to it to give couples a chance to see all the linen and chair options.


What I’m picturing our napkins to look like:
TreasuredEditions on Etsy 



Two buffet lines set up at either side of the ballroom and we were able to sample Chicken Escarole and Tuscan Minestrone soups, 3 types of chicken, 2 or 3 types of fish and their accompaniments – wild rice, duchess mashed potatoes and I think string beans. Then there was a carving station with prime rib and filet mignon, garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus.

We both tried the Chicken Francaise, Chicken Breast with Apple Stuffing, Poached Pear Rosemary Chicken Breast, Filet Mignon, and all the sides.

Going into it, I thought for sure we’d picked the Francaise…my favorite dish aside from Chicken Piccata…I’m a lemon girl! However, there was no lemon taste and thought it was very dry. I was so disappointed. We were equally disappointed with the Chicken Breast and Apple Stuffing…

The last chicken we tried was so delicious, moist and flavorful - Poached Pear Rosemary Chicken! And, the Filet Mignon was equally pleasing. All of the sides were delicious as well.

What we didn’t try because they were not available, were pasta with marinara, and salad (understandable).

So, our meal choices will be Filet Mignon with a Peppercorn glaze, garlic mashed and green beans;


and, Poached Pear Rosemary Chicken Breast, duchess mashed potatoes, and green beans.


It was such an easy choice! In the foyer they had a table set up displaying the presentations of each dish.

And then…there was cake….lots of cake. Neither Dan nor myself are big cake people…we much prefer fudgy brownies, or myself, a lemon danish from an italian bakery…or cheesecake…something much more rich, you get the idea.

So, we tried vanilla cake with lemon filling (shown below), marble cake with raspberry filling, and chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling.


Completely blown away. These cakes were out of this world good. Their buttercream frosting was JUST right. This pastry chef definitely hit a home run. 

We also got to sample their tuxedo strawberries..also delish!



So we got to thinking…I wonder what kind of designs this chef can do…Mind you, we had a dummy cake booked with Shemry (who is also amazing). We watched a slideshow of his cakes and this one immediately caught my eye (sorry for the odd screen capture)…..tall, dramatic, with fluffy hydrangea layers in between….the fluffiness mimics my dress :)  
And ALL 4 of these layers are real? And it’s part of the package??


We decided to cancel the dummy cake and go with this! Saving us a decent amount of money. Shemry is amazing and I still highly recommend her! We simply decided to do this to save us some money…and it’s part of the package, so why not?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Everything sounds amazing! The cake is very pretty too! I say go with the real thing.. if it's part of your package! Everything is all coming together for ya'll! How exciting!

jacin {lovely little details} said...

wow amazing!!!! i wish we got to do a tasting - i'll live vicariously through you!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Regarding your comment on the facial... We're 3 months out, and I just got one done and I'll get another done the end of March. I guess it's up to you! :) It was so relaxing and my skin feels so much cleaner.