Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday treats - Pretzelies

This morning I made Pretzelies!

This Pretzelies recipe is compliments of the lovely Jacin over at the She Said Yes! blog.

-Snyders pretzel snaps (or generic brand square grid pretzels)
-Hershey kiss hugs, caramel filled kisses and/or peanut butter filled kisses
-Holiday colored M&Ms
-Sea Salt

Because I’m making these for a bunch of people, I bought a 1 pound bag of pretzels, 4 bags of Hershey’s kisses (2 bags of hugs, 2 bags of chocolate), 2 12.6 ounce bags of red/green M&M’s and Morton Sea Salt. I caught a great sale at Target for all of these items!

First thing’s first…unwrap all of the kisses.



After 1 bag:



After 2 bags:

DSC09796 DSC09797 DSC09798


Pretzel Snaps


I placed (112) snaps on the cookie sheet and placed one hugs in the center of each.

DSC09799  DSC09801 


Got my chocolate M&M’s ready



I placed the tray in the oven on 350 for what turned out to be too long: 2 minutes. After 1 minute they weren’t soft enough but 2 minutes made them too soft…



I placed the M&M’s on top of each one individually…definitely time consuming and tedious! Trying to get each one to sit perfectly in the center and not touching the melted hugs took patience.


I then sprinkled sea salt on top. I love that salty/sweet combination!

I let them cool off and come to room temp before packaging them.  




Mason jars! For you Jacin! 



Love the hangtags I got at Target! Ribbon from Michael’s.


I will be doing an all-chocolate version of these and possibly a caramel one. Pictures to follow :)

Be sure to check out Jacin’s She Said Yes! blog if you are planning your wedding or just love pretty things. She does a post on Mason Jars every Sunday!


jacin said...

yahoooooooo!!!!!!!! they're perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Kris! They look amazing! ~Karey

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