Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More little things accomplished

The little things..they add up!

-We found out the tasting at the Crowne Plaza will be on Sunday, January 23rd. We get to taste all of the food options available for us to choose from.

-We booked our marriage prep class for Sunday, January 30. We will be doing a one-day class.

-My bridal shower will be Sunday, March 20 – that’s all I know. Some girls like a surprise…I do too, but I know this event is coming..I’d rather be prepared and have a cute outfit all ready to go!

-We changed our engagement pictures to be in the Spring..I feel like we’ve been waiting forever..we’ll we have in actuality. I got my braces put on and I’m being stubborn and refuse to go in front of a pro camera until they’re off. And my dentist keeps pushing the date further back…I’m not going to rush us into doing them at the end of December when it’s cold and gray. We will wait for mid-March to come around…we’ll have daffodils and tulips and hopefully some blossoming trees. And we’ll be SUPER excited, as our wedding will then be only 8-ish weeks away!? Crazy? Yes.

Here are two of my favorite Spring engagement shots from our photographer Jennifer Leatherwood! Get’s me so excited!

leatherwood_2 leatherwood_1


jacin said...

wow i love that second one!

Kristina said...

seriously! something about the way the sun is shining..and the yellow daffodils...and the dress.. it just screams "spring is here!!"