Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If I could dress an Autumn wedding party…


I’ve been totally inspired by the amazing foliage around Rhode Island.

Below are some photos of my fiance’s family’s backyard…how gorgeous! It prompted me to (promptly) write this post.

autumn in coventry, rhode island autumn in coventry, rhode island autumn in coventry, rhode island 


All of these colors make me wish I could plan an Autumn wedding…and if we were, here are some of my picks for girls and their bouquets…

Alfred Angelo 7135, Paprika (Left)
Liz Fields 227, Moss (Our girls are wearing this in Turquoise!) (Center)
Alfred Angelo 7124, Persimmon (Right)

All bouquets from Martha Stewart Weddings

image imageimage


Alfred Angelo 7124 Shown in Charcoal (Left)
The Dessy Collection 2809 Shown in Merlot (Right)

All bouquets from Martha Stewart Weddings

image image



Now…go plan a Fall wedding!

So much attention to what the girls are wearing…stay tuned for a great tool I found for dressing your groomsmen.

Monday, October 25, 2010

More on “The Shoe Front”

So, back in September I talked about my first shoe purchase…image

Well, I tried these on Friday night with my wedding dress…definitely didn’t like them with the dress. They don’t go with the look…at all. Oh well – final sale at Talbot’s…I’ll just have to save them for the honeymoon and wear them with some white crops!

While I don’t have any other shoe purchase to talk about, I wanted to show you some awesome shoe clips, compliments of Absolutely Aubrey.


Not only are their selections gorgeous but they are affordable!

I want these green shoes just so I can wear these clips! Awesome combination. $22.50



In love with these vintage green clips - $20.00



Something blue - $22.50



These would go well with my dress…with maybe a pair of charcoal or silver taffeta flats (if such a pair exists). $22.50


Also lovely: $25.00

image image


Starting to like these ballet flats more and more..from Dessy.

Perfect for adding some shoe bling! And at $28.00 per pair, you totally can’t go wrong.



Friday, October 22, 2010

Color Palette decided, finally! For real this time.

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting with my florist! I have so much on my mind as far as colors go and with a little over 7 months to go, I feel like I need to start making real decisions…I can’t design our invitations and paper goods without knowing what our “official” colors are for the day...and I can’t start buying decor either. I was SO happy to have brought all my ideas to the table (I literally covered the table with photos of inspiration)…A big factor in deciding flowers and colors is discovering what types of flowers are typically in season during the last week of May…this helps to keep costs down.

I know it’s hard for you all to envision everything without seeing the dress, but after Tricia saw a photo of it and my ideas, she came up with a scheme.

At first we were leaning towards purple, greens and ivories…the purples because the Crowne’s standard ballroom chairs are plum and kind of hideous (sorry to offend anyone) and don’t really add to the look of the room…so we figured, let’s not fight the purple, let’s work with it.


Gorgeous. Modern and fun! I’ve always loved purple and turquoise.

But inside I’m thinking “elegant, romantic, inspiring and light”…not that purple and lime can’t be those, I just am feeling something else…Back in July I said I had “nailed down my palette, finally”..well, why don’t I ever listen to myself?? Oh, I know why…because I have such an appreciation for every color there is that it’s hard for me to make color decisions ;-)

And…with the lighting the way we want it, the candlelight and uplights, no one will notice the chair color..they will likely look brown…and when the bridal party, my groom and myself make our grand entrances, everyone is going to be in their chairs and looking at us, not the chairs...

So this is our palette! I call it Summer Sunshine…and even if it’s gray and raining on our wedding day, we’ll bring the sunshine!



And this is inspiration for my bouquet…simple tulips, a lighter shade than this probably… cascading against the silhouette and detail of my dress…It’s definitely starting to feel real!cascading_peach_tulips

Photo: Brides.com

We also came up with a fantastic scheme for the Grand Ballroom and I’ll have to sketch it out to show you.

Did I tell you we switched back to the Grand Ballroom? Our, ahem, guest list, outgrew the Plaza Ballroom … :-)

More on that later!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My dress came in!!

(I got the call yesterday!)

I said I wouldn't reveal the dress until after the wedding...but here's a sneak peak of a little detail :-)

I hope to go try it on Friday night!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Aqua/Turquoise: more color palette brainstorming

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the color palette…originally, before we chose bridesmaids dresses, I had the scheme of tiffany blue (lighter than dress below) creams, peaches and tangerines.

Because the color I chose is very close to a jewel tone and is rather intense, I’ve had thoughts of doing colors of equal intensity…a punchy purple, greens and ivories.

Here’s the dress:


Here are some nice flower combos that might be nice for the girls to carry:




The above two photos are courtesy of Flourish Designs, a Sacramento, California-based florist. 



The above two photos are courtesy of Project Wedding.

Last but not least, I think this is my favorite find (obviously because the same color turquoise is pictured!)


Courtesy of The Bride’s Cafe.


I have to nail this palette down so I can design invitations! It’s getting late!

230 days to go! Ahh!!