Saturday, September 11, 2010

Save the Dates Revealed!

Back in June, one of my best friends, Jenn, came to little Rhody for a girls night…Before we met up with Erica for dinner, we made a stop at a beach in Narragansett so I could “write” our save the date in the sand. Because of our large guest list, we had roughly 100 Save the Dates to send. I made a pact with myself that we would spend absolutely as little as possible on this, but also try to be as creative as possible…So, a little DIY at the beach and use of my design skills enabled me to keep costs to a minimum.

Jenn – thanks for coming with me to do this and for documenting my process :-) and for offering your opinions on each version…I think I wrote this at least 10 different times in the sand!



The final photo taken…after waiting for JUST the right wave/water effect.


I cleaned up the sand in between the letters and numbers in Photoshop and converted to black and white, boosted the contrast a bit…I wanted a timeless feel and also achieved that with typeface selection.




I wanted to tie in our invitations with the save the dates and I’ll do so with a script font. “Formal Invitation to Follow” is the typeface Aphrodite Text…to be used on our invites.

Originally, I ordered these with a tiffany blue background, printed on a high-quality offset press via They arrived and then my fiance told me I forgot a word…woops…I was so mad with myself because being a graphic designer, I have to be so careful with client work…at least this was my own. So, by that time, we had chosen the bridesmaids dresses, in the deeper blue. I looked at it as an opportunity to change the color of the reverse…and of course edited the typo. I then re-ordered on a digital press (lesser quality than the offset but still pretty darn nice) and scored a September sale price on postcards!

This afternoon I had a little photo shoot in the grass with some extra cards. You can see the difference in print quality between offset (left) and digital (right). I’m sure it really only bother ME! no one will notice (until they see this).

save the date written in the sand

 save the date written in the sand

 save the date written in the sand save the date written in the sand

Old color (left), new color, no typo (right):


Cost Breakdown

(Original, with typo) Postcards – 100, from
Specs: 4x6, full color, 2-sided, 15 pt. cardstock, free gloss finish
Press: Offset
Cost: 39.95
Shipping: 11.95
Price per piece: 0.519

(Edited, actual sent) Postcards – 100, from
Specs: 4x6, full color, 2-sided, 15 pt. cardstock, free gloss finish
Press: Digital
Cost: 29.95
Shipping: 11.95
Discount (Thanks to Sept. Sale!) -17.97
Price per piece: 0.239 

Envelopes – 100, from
Specs: Astrobright Colors, Celestial Blue, 4-3/4 x 6-1/2", (A6) Envelope
Cost: 9.25
Shipping: 8.51 
Price per piece: 0.177

Postage – 100 (5 booklets of 20), from your local US post office

View the Love: King & Queen of Hearts stamp online >

Cost: 44.00
Price per stamp: 0.44

Accommodation Insert – 100, provided by Crowne Plaza
Specs: 4x6
Cost: Free!

Final Cost per Save the Date: $1.375, including my mistake and having to re-print!
If I hadn’t made the mistake, it would have only cost $1.136 per Save the Date.

Final total: $137.50 for 100 Save the Dates

We’re really happy with the final outcome and wouldn’t have done it any differently! Aside from the mistake of course…but even with the mistake, I still came in way under the cost of doing a magnet or going with pre-designed customizable Save the Dates. If we wanted to make the postcard a self-mailer we would have saved 17 cents.

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