Monday, September 13, 2010

More cake tasting

Many who know about the Crowne Plaza’s packages know that they come with a cake, which is awesome! They are still going to be providing our cake for guests but I’d like an extra special touch on our cake. However, we can’t spend a lot on a dummy cake especially since a cake is in our package already…and, well, only a small part of a dummy cake is edible so why would we spend nearly 1200 on one? Some of these bakeries are out of their minds :-)

This Saturday we tasted some oh so delicious cake, compliments of Shemry Brown, owner of Shemry’s Cakery in Warwick, RI.

This cell phone photo of her presentation doesn’t do it justice…I was sad I left my camera at home! The front left was vanilla cake and had light and fluffy milk chocolate and peanut butter fillings; the front right was also vanilla cake and had an AMAZING tangy lemon filling; the back left was an orange cake with delicate vanilla cream filling, and the back right was the flavor we chose: vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and grand marnier fillings. Each one was seriously delicious…can’t go wrong with any of them!


Shemry really impressed us with her professionalism, creativity and business practice, AND she’s so nice!

Being an artist myself, I appreciate when a wedding professional can sketch their ideas on paper! I felt like we weren’t “just another wedding cake order”…Shemry came to the appointment with a sketch (below) of a 3-tier cake with a pillow emboss on each layer (fondant), after our I gave her a bunch of ideas from our phone conversation. After we got to talking at the appointment, she added a little monogram area because Mr. K5 and I love that idea, and it could be highlighted in our color blue. She continued to add flowers and I got so excited because it started to mimic the asymmetrical flower placement on my wedding dress…and then we compared the cost of 3-tier versus 4-tier…$250 for 3-tier dummy cake with a 6-inch actual cake on top for us to cut into – yes, that’s correct! And for the 4-tier it would be $325. So we had her add a 4th tier at the bottom of the cake!


We may go back to the 3-tier idea, but the 4-tier is just really dramatic and gorgeous…not sure what type of flowers would exist on the cake (will talk to florist about that), but Shemry will also add a slight dusting of light gold to give the cake a pinch of shimmer…loved her idea! 

Here are some of her great wedding cakes:

shemry_cake_3 shemry_cake_2 shemry_cake_1

Shemry also gave us the option to go with a rental wedding cake from her new company Covert Cakes.

I think it’s brilliant – Mr. K5 wasn’t too into the idea however.

One of my favorite quotes from Covert Cakes’ FAQ’s:

“You want a towering elegant showpiece but this "real" cake would serve 300 guests and you've invited a modest 100.

Rent a jaw dropper from Covert Cakes and you won't have to get creative with cake recipes for months after your wedding...cake kabobs, cake get the idea.”

Congrats on your new venture Shemry!

And we can’t wait to see our wedding cake :-)


Nicole-Lynn said...

Very pretty cakes! I think the 4 tier would be great, but the 3 tiers are just as nice! Loving the starfish one! :)

I'm looking forward to when we can try some cake! :)

Kristin said...

The Crowne's cake is SO GOOD! I was pleasantly surprised when we cut into ours and took the first bites. And their baker is so great-- you just give them a picture of what you want, and they do it. Yay Crowne Plaza! Best place ever for a wedding reception :)