Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hair stylist chosen!

I’ll let my hair speak for itself :-)

Hair stylist: Leeann Tingley, who works out of Calma Salon in Cranston, RI
Verdict: Amazing. Leeann and I hit it off immediately..she’s a bundle of energy and her enthusiasm is infectious…such a positive person! She’s such a perfectionist when it comes to hair (and other things I’m sure) but she spent 2 hours perfecting my look…and I love it! Her prices are the average around the Rhode Island/Boston area.

I decided I wanted to look like me on my wedding day… just me, 10 times more glamorous haha. I usually wear my hair parted to the left. Dan loves me hair half up/half down…he definitely loves the look Leeann created!

I picture smoky gray eye shadow with some false eyelashes (not too many), a light lip and slightly rosy cheeks. Here’s my original makeup trial with Kristin Greene…wow my hair was super blond…and that was in April when I had NO tan!

wedding hair by leeann tingley

I made this one sepia..just like the effect…Leeann did a beautiful job picking just the right amount of hair to sweep to the side…the bump on top will be a bit bigger on the day of for more drama and the back will be fuller…might opt for a few extensions..sshhh. Grow hair, grow!!

wedding hair by leeann tingley

Right side view – love the natural soft feel. Veil (yet to be chosen) will be inserted where my hair comes together in the back…at the bottom of the bump. Definitely want more fullness in the back.

wedding hair by leeann tingley 

When I got home I had the urge to try a headband…since I love the retro look…Here’s a side view with a thin light gold headband…I LOVE the simplicity of it…I am now in search of a thin headband with a little bit of detail on it…nothing too “blingy”…will dig up some etsy finds and post soon!

I’d also love chandelier earrings…no necklace since my dress is a strapless sweetheart with silver embroidery and little swarovski’s at the top..I just don’t know if a veil + a simple headband will be too much…granted, I haven’t shown any of you my dress so it’s hard to ask that question :-)

 wedding hair by leeann tingley

Check out Leeann’s Facebook page! She’s also got her own beauty line!

She’ll be traveling to wherever us gals are getting ready on the morning of…likely our CONDO!! We heard that the bank approved the short sale FINALLY! But I’m not making a big deal about it until we have the keys in our hands…

Thanks Leeann!! You’re the best!

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