Monday, September 20, 2010

First wedding day shoe purchase!

I’m sure it’ll be the first of many purchases…my feet are size 11 (I can get away with 10’s for flip-flops)…and I’m super picky when it comes to shoes and how they look on my skinny feet (which my fiance lovingly calls “flippers”).

Here’s a refresher of my pre-requisites:
- must be flats, or a 1-inch heel or less
- kinda want them to be blue to match the girls’ dresses
- peep toe preferred
- would love taffeta material like my dress
- I’m cool with stylish ivory flats as long as I could put something blue on them, like these neat flower clips from etsy seller cmitrou



These were originally $99.00, on clearance @ Talbot’s for $34.29!
I can’t wait to try them on with my dress! I’m disappointed in the fabric – crinkled patent leather – but I couldn’t let them go.Sale was final, so if they don’t work out, I can always wear them on the honeymoon and next summer :-)



Dying to wear heels…aren’t these glam?
From etsy seller emu926



These are from Dessy but I hate those stupid bows! I could always order them, take the bows off and get something else to put in their place.


Oh, shoe love.


jacin said...

i love those blue flowers! and the bows on the last pair aren't too bad!

Moni said...

The Talbot shoes kinda remind me of the Nine West Zelotes at Nordstrom except for the ankle strap. Believe material is leather and they are on sale for $35. Google them or check Nordstrom's website.

Also check these cute peep toe ballet flats out (also at Nordstrom)

REPORT 'Kimball2' Flat