Monday, September 6, 2010

Cake Tasting and more

We took this past week off for a staycation and we got a lot done for the wedding!

Wednesday we enjoyed the beach together.


Thursday we tasted cake at a popular bakery in East Greenwich. (Good thing the beach was the day before and not after ;-) )

Lots of cakes and fillings…My favorite was lemon with seedless raspberry filling but our mutual decision was strawberries and champagne cake. I’m head over heels for strawberries and cake and he enjoys it as well.

DSC09074 DSC09077 

Mr. K5 really loves chocolate/peanut butter anything, but he suggested we go with a type of white cake so I don’t get dirty. How nice is he?! I swear it was his suggestion! He won’t have to worry though…he’ll be getting a great groom’s cake :-D

Unfortunately, after being given 3 quotes for a dummy cake with a 6” tier for us to cut, we won’t be going with this bakery…The Crowne Plaza includes a cake in our package…no way is it justifiable to spend 1,100-1,200 on a DUMMY cake!

We’re looking into doing one with the Bakery Boutique in Smithfield, RI who came in WAY lower on a dummy cake quote. The Crowne will still provide cake for guests.

Friday we met with our priest who gave us a rundown of everything we have to do in the upcoming months. The last time we met with him was in April 2009 when we booked our date. Since it’s a Sunday wedding we have a couple of options for the rehearsal…Friday night and expect our wedding party and other  guests to get out of work early and/or take the day off, or Saturday at 6:15 and have the dinner before or after. We’re leaning towards the Saturday rehearsal and not sure what to do about the dinner…do we want to be out late the night before? Or do we want to have the dinner before the rehearsal?

Today we put our Save the Dates together! Mr. K5 was a trooper…helping to stuff our postcard and accommodations info into envelopes, retrieving missing addresses, sealing envelopes with a moistened Q-tip (works wonders!)…It’s nice to also be developing our first address’s the small things in life :-)


I’ll reveal what I did for the actual postcard later this week after they’ve been sent out, but in the meantime I wanted to show you the outside…the envelopes match the maids dresses and I just love the King and Queen stamps I got from the USPS.

DSC09138 DSC09141 

Our guest list is hovering around 212 and we have about 80 Save the Dates going out.

This week I’ll be having hair trials with 2 stylists! So excited!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Yum that cake looks amazing! Glad you had a good time! Congrats on getting the Save the Dates out too! Yey!

Jen said...

I know that table; that's scrumptions!!