Sunday, August 8, 2010

DIY: Manzanita branches – the inspiration

I love the look of manzanita branch centerpieces. They can be done in a multitude of ways. For our late spring wedding, it would be nice to have small white and/or coral faux flowers attached to the branches, sparingly, and maybe leave the branches a solid dark cherry color (like the wood trim in the photo of the Crowne further down) or spray paint them gold. Have small white votives lit below them would cast a beautiful glow upward on the branches and the flowers. Very romantic!

Here you can see the manzanita branches were kept their natural color and have white flowers attached to the branches…very close to the look I’m going for.


Another element that could be incorporated are crystals. They certainly add some extra glam and sparkle. This particular one was used at a champagne bar but I would choose to use a second one at the escort card table.



This is a photo I took of part of the cocktail area right outside the ballroom. Picture a bar set up in this corner (where it will be set up for both cocktails and the entire reception. I’d love to have a large focal point set up on top of the bar.

Crowne Plaza Plaza Ballroom, Cocktail Area

Here a photo of the other part of the cocktail reception area. There are 2 entrances to the ballroom on the right, and the tables set up are where the escort cards will be placed and a card/gift table. Placing a focal point of a manzanita branch on each would be perfect.

Crowne Plaza Plaza Ballroom, Cocktail Area


Branch resources 
*some have the requirement that you be a retailer or professional florist

Blooms and Branches

$6.85 per 18”-24” branch, minimum order of 2



Blooms and Branches

$12.60 per 18”-24” gold painted branch – a can of gold spray paint will run me around $4.00…I would likely buy the branch above and simply paint myself to save money, but wanted to show this option



Save on Crafts - $12.29 per 24”-36” tall branch


As noted on Save on Crafts’ website: If you are constructing a display tree, wish tree, centerpieces or a seating card tree you'll need to use a heavy, loose material such as stones, or set them in plaster-of-Paris.

I’m still debating which option I’ll go with and wondering what I’ll do with all of these manzanita branches when the wedding is over..they might just be for sale after!

Flower resources

Save on Crafts - $8.00 for 30 flowers – not sure how many each tree will need…


still working on finding the cheapest option for this!

Stay tuned for more manzanita goodness…

We’re hoping we get our condo soon…we bid on it a couple of months ago (short sales are AWFUL!)...I will then have a huge finished basement to do all of my DIY projects in!


Moni said...

I'm going to construct a 24k gold manzanita tree for my escort cards (having origami cranes strung on them attached with guest's names/numbers)I believe there is a bride on the Knot R.I board selling preserved orchid heads for $6 for 30 flowers (ivory). She has other flowers for sale too. Blooms and Branches seem to be the most reasonable. They have the kits too. Not sure when I will begin this project since I am still making my cranes!

Kristina said...

Awesome! That's going to look great I'm sure! I've sent the girl on TK a message - I saw that right after I posted this entry :-) Can't wait to see your finished project.

Moni said...

Hey Kristina not sure if you are going to string tea lights or fresh flowers to the manzanita but I found these fairly affordable hanging glass vases.

Kristina said...

how pretty! i will keep these in mind. thanks :-)