Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bridesmaids dresses…quick update

Went to a bridal shop in East Greenwich on Saturday…really thought about what my problem was with making a decision.

Then this Liz Fields dress popped into my line of view, and I had to try it on to get a first-hand feel for the dress so I could tell the girls about it.



The color in the store is Turquoise. 


Color looks a lot lighter here.


This dress is amazing…why?

-Charmeuse fabric – light and flowy for a potentially warm day
-Comes with optional straps
-Creates a nice waistline but is not restricting, so the girls can DANCE
-Floor length…looks cute in knee-length too
-Super complimenting on all figures
-Zipper back
-Comes in TIFFANY BLUE (below)!! Seriously, it’s the blue I’ve been looking for that Impression and Alfred Angelo did not offer. I think that was my problem. I couldn’t make a decision because of the color...I hate being forced into gut doesn’t lie.

The color is nice online but even better in person…I was so happy it was like I just bought my wedding dress all over again.


The plan: this week I hope to have all the girls try this style on and check this baby off the list…Let’s cross our fingers!

It also comes in peach in case my Maid of Honor wants to go different.



Advice for Brides having trouble with deciding on bridesmaids dresses…write down on a piece of paper what you want your day to look like (i.e. romantic, fluffy, bright, etc), don’t make split decisions, don’t be forced into choosing a color/fabric you don’t think is nice, DO go by yourself to gather your thoughts especially if you have a large bridal party, DO try on the dresses to really get a feel for what they’ll be dealing with for 12 hours. Would YOU want to feel restricted or hot and sweaty for that long of a time period?

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Jasmine said...

I love your choice!

Both colors are great and I love the idea of your maid of honor in a different color!