Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New look

I call it sunny and springy with a dash of blue :-) Better layout and readability. Here's to hoping we get a sunny and beautiful wedding day...Just under 9 months (271 days to be exact) to go!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Some changes

My blog looks different. I'm tired of the circles. I want something new! Something more related to the look and feel of our wedding.

K5 has something in the works. This current blogger template will have to suffice for these next few days :-)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We chose bridesmaids dresses!

My gut was right! Liz Fields 227 was a hit. Bridal Garden in East Greenwich, RI was amazing and Cathy was so great with me and the girls…I highly recommend shopping there.

I originally wanted Tiffany Blue but the girls looked so nice in this color that it changed my mind. I will try to bring in some aqua elsewhere…like their bouquet handle wraps or the guys’ ties.


Here it is next to some bright colors to show contrast…Going to have fun with bouquets!


So complimenting on everyone’s shape..this photo looks a little green.


Here’s one gal already dancing in it!



Monday, August 23, 2010

Transportation Booked!



A couple of weeks ago I worked with Kirtley Seveney of Newport Trolley to book our transportation. We have 16 in our party including us and we wanted our parents to come along too, so the only option we liked was the trolley. Our photographer and videographer will hopefully come along too…it’ll make for some great photos! It is also wheelchair accessible.

For 4 hours we were able to secure the trolley for $725.00 with gratuity included.

I want to say how awesome Kirtley was with me…she answered every question I had! Their transportation services are highly recommended in the industry so I’m sure we’ll have a great experience on the day of!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bridesmaids dresses…quick update

Went to a bridal shop in East Greenwich on Saturday…really thought about what my problem was with making a decision.

Then this Liz Fields dress popped into my line of view, and I had to try it on to get a first-hand feel for the dress so I could tell the girls about it.



The color in the store is Turquoise. 


Color looks a lot lighter here.


This dress is amazing…why?

-Charmeuse fabric – light and flowy for a potentially warm day
-Comes with optional straps
-Creates a nice waistline but is not restricting, so the girls can DANCE
-Floor length…looks cute in knee-length too
-Super complimenting on all figures
-Zipper back
-Comes in TIFFANY BLUE (below)!! Seriously, it’s the blue I’ve been looking for that Impression and Alfred Angelo did not offer. I think that was my problem. I couldn’t make a decision because of the color...I hate being forced into things..my gut doesn’t lie.

The color is nice online but even better in person…I was so happy it was like I just bought my wedding dress all over again.


The plan: this week I hope to have all the girls try this style on and check this baby off the list…Let’s cross our fingers!

It also comes in peach in case my Maid of Honor wants to go different.



Advice for Brides having trouble with deciding on bridesmaids dresses…write down on a piece of paper what you want your day to look like (i.e. romantic, fluffy, bright, etc), don’t make split decisions, don’t be forced into choosing a color/fabric you don’t think is nice, DO go by yourself to gather your thoughts especially if you have a large bridal party, DO try on the dresses to really get a feel for what they’ll be dealing with for 12 hours. Would YOU want to feel restricted or hot and sweaty for that long of a time period?

DIY: Painted Wine Bottles, Part III

In a follow up to Parts I, II and II.I – we now have GOLD BOTTLES.

Flash off



Flash on:


Natural light, with little miss kitty in the background ;-)

DSC08945 DSC08946 

This super glossy gold was applied over the brushed nickel…I think that’s the reason why they are not as shiny as they are supposed to be. But, I like them. I kind of really like them :-)

Next step is to buy some flowers, votives, and an inexpensive white table cloth and do a little mock up! Stay tuned for Part IV.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Stuck on Bridesmaids Dresses

The real hunt for dresses has commenced.

Monday night I went with one bridesmaid and we thought we had it figured out! Short wasn’t cutting it formality-wise. So we knew it had to be long.

This is the dress (“Dress A” for future reference) on:

Alfred Angelo Style 7060, Charmeuse Fabric (lighter satin)

This is it on the Alfred Angelo site for a different view..I would have to get it in Sapphire:


or Waterfall:


It definitely elongates a figure and is great for dancing the night away..and ultra light in case it’s hot..it IS a Memorial Day Weekend wedding!


Then I went Tuesday with 3 other bridesmaids and my Maid of Honor. They tried on Dress A, it looked good, and then we found 2 other styles that we really liked on everyone.

Dress B on 2 girls, Alfred Angelo Style 7041, Satin:

Dress B on the site:

Alfred Angelo Style 7041 in Robin’s Egg


Alfred Angelo Style 7041 in Cobalt


Alfred Angelo Style 7041 in Pool


Some complaints about Satin – the ruching will fall down towards the end of the day if it’s not tacked properly…it can be warm, and since this dress has a corset back, it can get uncomfortable after a while.


Dress C – I failed to photograph this on anyone..it was the last dress they tried on, everyone seemed tired, it was 8:30 and I was stressed out. They looked completely gorgeous in this one and it was very complimenting on 4 different figures but is rather restricting as it is a trumpet shape. The 4 girls that tried this on all seemed to love it – it looked great on all of them. Three others still have to try it on. Some complaints about taffeta is that it wrinkles easily and can be noisy when walking.


Impression’s website does a terrible job at showing how this dress actually fits:


It had a lot more ruching across the mid-section. The girls would opt to add a sweetheart neckline. It’s also got a zipper back.

The problem is I’d have to choose either Aqua, which I’m not super crazy about in taffeta, or Indigo which is a much deeper blue than I really intend to go with.


Here are some of Alfred Angelo’s blue swatches…

Click the photo to see all swatches…I’m debating Seafoam and Coral too (a bit on the pink side).



I could end ALL thinking about which blue to go with and choose Coral…still have the ivory, creams, peaches and tangerine flowers with some green hypericum berries…have the guys wear aqua ties for the splash of aqua.

Ultimately it is my decision…I just wish I could decide!


Please share your thoughts!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

DIY: Manzanita branches – the inspiration

I love the look of manzanita branch centerpieces. They can be done in a multitude of ways. For our late spring wedding, it would be nice to have small white and/or coral faux flowers attached to the branches, sparingly, and maybe leave the branches a solid dark cherry color (like the wood trim in the photo of the Crowne further down) or spray paint them gold. Have small white votives lit below them would cast a beautiful glow upward on the branches and the flowers. Very romantic!

Here you can see the manzanita branches were kept their natural color and have white flowers attached to the branches…very close to the look I’m going for.


Another element that could be incorporated are crystals. They certainly add some extra glam and sparkle. This particular one was used at a champagne bar but I would choose to use a second one at the escort card table.



This is a photo I took of part of the cocktail area right outside the ballroom. Picture a bar set up in this corner (where it will be set up for both cocktails and the entire reception. I’d love to have a large focal point set up on top of the bar.

Crowne Plaza Plaza Ballroom, Cocktail Area

Here a photo of the other part of the cocktail reception area. There are 2 entrances to the ballroom on the right, and the tables set up are where the escort cards will be placed and a card/gift table. Placing a focal point of a manzanita branch on each would be perfect.

Crowne Plaza Plaza Ballroom, Cocktail Area


Branch resources 
*some have the requirement that you be a retailer or professional florist

Blooms and Branches

$6.85 per 18”-24” branch, minimum order of 2



Blooms and Branches

$12.60 per 18”-24” gold painted branch – a can of gold spray paint will run me around $4.00…I would likely buy the branch above and simply paint myself to save money, but wanted to show this option



Save on Crafts - $12.29 per 24”-36” tall branch


As noted on Save on Crafts’ website: If you are constructing a display tree, wish tree, centerpieces or a seating card tree you'll need to use a heavy, loose material such as stones, or set them in plaster-of-Paris.

I’m still debating which option I’ll go with and wondering what I’ll do with all of these manzanita branches when the wedding is over..they might just be for sale after!

Flower resources

Save on Crafts - $8.00 for 30 flowers – not sure how many each tree will need…


still working on finding the cheapest option for this!

Stay tuned for more manzanita goodness…

We’re hoping we get our condo soon…we bid on it a couple of months ago (short sales are AWFUL!)...I will then have a huge finished basement to do all of my DIY projects in!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New DIY Projects Page

For organizational purposes, all DIY-related posts, including my own work and other inspiring brides' DIY projects, will be linked to in this new page. While my posts may get tagged, they can get lost in the shuffle as time goes on and new entries are posted.

Enjoy :-)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy 4 Year Anniversary!

Today marks 4 years of dating for us :-)

Four years ago we went on our first date…we saw Talladega Nights, had dinner and then watched the sunset from Galilee Beach…

Today we’ll be doing something similar :-)

Us in…













In 298 days, I’ll be his Mrs! I love you DJP!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DIY: Painted Wine Bottles, Part II Continued

As promised, here are some photos with candlelight (found some votives hanging around), a makeshift white tablecloth (sorry for the wrinkles), and the only thing not pictured are flowers that would be in little mini vases…
You can see the subtle reflective properties of this particular brushed nickel finish…It’s really not enough.
In addition to last night’s comments, I think we need more gloss and reflection…picture this x 10 around a ballroom…
Just not feeling confident in this wine bottle thing just yet. We’ll see what happens with the gold!

Monday, August 2, 2010

DIY: Painted Wine Bottles, Part II

Well, it took me 5 months and 9 days to post a Part II to my Painted Wine Bottle Project…Part I involved washing and scrubbing about 10 bottles…


Part II involved priming the bottles, and deciding on a color. At first I wanted to go with all white glossy bottles, but then I changed my mind and wanted to do a brushed nickel.

I used all Krylon products because Dad says they are the best brand. Each can is around 3.99 each @ Home Depot. So far I’ve spent around $15.00 on trying all of this out.

Here they are primed with white, then spraypainted brushed nickel.

*The primed bottles had to be lightly sanded before spraying on the nickel finish.


DSC08828 DSC08825

While it’s not an overall failure, it’s not quite right for our wedding reception. The silver is more for an outdoor daytime wedding or a fireplace mantle in a very bright, modern living room.

They do reflect light softly, though the lighting and table shown are not accurate of what our tables will look like.

New thoughts on this project – try gold for a warmer feel. The silver is too industrial for a romantic evening wedding reception. If a solid gold/pinkish copper doesn’t do it, my last resort will be texturing the bottles with hand-painted brushstrokes. If that fails, then we devise a Plan B for 10 of my tables!

I do have pictures of dimmed lighting and some candlelight glowing around these bottles. Stay tuned tomorrow!