Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Overwhelmed by too many stationery choices

Aside from trying to calculate the cost of making homemade limoncello favors for 220 guests, I am really stuck on stationery at the moment...invitations, reply cards, place cards, save the dates...the whole nine yards. I found a couple of printers outside of Rhode Island that can do letterpress for a lot less than many printers because they accept custom graphic design. So I think..."Easy! Let's get this done!" Well, not so easy when I'm overwhelmed by design ideas, choosing two typefaces, choosing a size that will not cost extra to mail, one color vs. two colors, etc.

Then I think...why don't I just order pre-designed stationery sets from a site like Wedding Paper Divas and call it a day? Honestly, I think I'd end up spending more there than getting the custom letterpress done at those aforementioned printers. Trust me, I ran a quote. And I am not even thrilled with the invites I'm seeing out there that are pre-designed. Don't get me wrong...there are lots of colorful, elegant and classy invites out there...but let's face it: I'm far too picky. I'm a type A personality, an Aries and a first-born.

At this point, I have a little over 11 months until the wedding...I really want to firm up these ideas soon so that I can design Save the Dates to match the invites...but the Save the Dates aren't deal breakers... in fact they don't have to match invites at all...that buys me more time to fuss right?

Then there's the thought of having another talented graphic designer or an Etsy shop just design my invites for me and relieve me of my stress...artists can't paint for themselves, can't design for themselves, because they are too overwhelmed by their creative ideas that they can't decide what they want!

Letterpressed handwriting...can it get any sweeter??

Source: sprague lab

Any brides out there care to share any advice?

I suppose we should get crackin' with writing down our guests addresses so we're prepared to mail these babies when they ARE designed!


Chocolate Lover said...

The invites were by far the most difficult task I've faced during wedding planing. I had absolutely no idea where to begin or a clear idea of what I wanted. So I started looking online, checking out invitation designers to get ideas. When I finally found things I likes, I saved them and we then made our invitations based on those elements. Mr. Milk designed them and they were work in progress for a long time, but we are really happy with them now. Our STD's were electronic using a picture from our engagement shoot. Totally different from the invites themselves. Hope this helps a little.

Julie Beck said...

you should use local RI artist Heather Jeany! She has the sweetest stationary and does custom work for weddings. I am going to use her for mine!

Examples of her wedding invites: http://www.flickr.com/photos/heatherjeany/sets/72157594573562951/

Kristina said...

thanks ladies.

julie - great lead. i will contact her! would love to collaborate with a local artist.

Moni said...

Creative overload huh? I am having a tough time deciding on invites too. The budget doesn't allow for letter press but I do want a custom designed invite instead of the pretty but cookie cutter invites found on the web. I like this chic's invite design and her price is pretty reasonable. Another issue I have is my invites have to be bilingual and my FMIL insist I use the invites from Cambodia.


Moni said...

btw I spoke to Kristen ( I stalk her on twitter), she is super sweet but she doesn't do air brush make up. Traditional make up doesn't have staying power on my skin type. After 5 or 6 hours, I look a little washed out. I have tried Robin McAloon and Krystal Treanor, both are really great but neither one could keep the make up on my face for more than 6 hrs and I need 12 hrs of coverage the day of the wedding!