Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No heels for this bride to be

Dan is only really 2 inches or so taller than I. Yet, I am a shoe lover..I worship shoes of all shapes from flats to 5 inch stilettos…if I could, I’d convert a bedroom into a shoe closet and buy every shoe I ever fell in love with. I have a small, okay, BIG, obsession with shoes..so much that I have to promise Mr. K5 that I won’t visit the shoe department if we go to Target together. He’s a funny one. I will sometimes spend an hour or two at DSW pacing up and down every aisle making sure to look at every shoe in the place…of course the clearance rack is the first place I run to. Never know what you’ll find. But one thing I must add is that I am a size 10 in open-toe shoes and size 11 in closed-toe shoes. Annoying. So the clearance rack mostly always has hideous stuff in my sizes. Oh well.

Back to the point – I can’t wear heels on our wedding day. I cannot be taller than the groom. Some brides are okay with that. I am not.

So I’ve begun my search for amazing flats in all sorts of colors, just bookmarking page after page of glorious shoes. Bridesmaids dresses haven’t been decided on yet so I’m waiting until then to really zero in on a color. And, yes, I said color. I can’t wear an all-white satin “bridal flat”. It’s not me. I want something fun, maybe with a little embellishment.

Enough chatter though – here are just some of my favorites so far, found via Zappos.com.

Romantic Soles Geneva in Teal Satin and Blue Satin

*if I had blue shoes, that could totally be my “something blue”

geneva_romantic_soles_top geneva_romantic_soles


Me Too Lilium – Fuchsia Satin 

me_too_lilium_top_fuscia me_too_lilium


Nine West Zalta in Navy

nine_west_zalta_navy_top nine_west_zalta_navy

Block Raphaela in Silk Pink

bloch_raphaela_top bloch_raphaela

These would actually work well with this lovely Maggie Sottero Venecia gown:


AK Anne Klein Mavra in Pewter Multi and White Multi*

*yes, I know I said no white, but these are seriously adorable and can be an exception to the rule!

 ak_anne_klein_mavra ak_anne_klein_mavra_topak_anne_klein_mavra_white_top ak_anne_klein_mavra_white

From DSW – SM Lovely Flat in Blue

sm_lovely_flat_blue_top sm_lovely_flat_blue


! And if I could wear pumps… here are just a few I think are adorable and would make a total statement…

From DSW - Paris Hilton Harmony

this should would totally go with my an aqua/peach and tangerine color scheme


From DSW - Ann Marino Hooray Flower Peep Toe Pump in Pink and White

anne_marie_hooray ann_marino_hooray_white


Definitely more shoe posts to come!


Dan said...

Sorry dear, but you've already converted a bedroom into a shoe closet. It's the one I'm living in!

Shelby Bukhenik said...

oh I loved this shoe parade!!

Moni said...

I am in the same predicament as I am only two inches shorter than FI but I also don't care for high heels. Zappos has been my fave site too.

Kristina said...

glad you liked, shelby!

moni, if you come across any other sources of adorable flats, please share! i found some on etsy but they didn't make my size.

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Hi, I just found your blog, and I love it already!! I die for beautiful shoes!! Looks like you have found some amazing flats!! The blue ones would be adorable with your gorgeous wedding gown!! Good work :)

Charlotte said...

I had shoes died to the color of my husband's alma mater and he just died!!! they were "Citadel blue" and they were a big hit at the wedding! I had heels for the ceremony and flats for the reception!!! You are smart to go comfortable!!

jacin said...

i got a pair of louboutins for my something blue but they turned out to be horrendous in real life. so now i'm literally almost ready to give up in the quest and just wear my rainbows, haha - http://jacinandpat.blogspot.com/2010/06/shoespart-26.html - but i love the flats idea- it never occurred to me so i'm going to check that out!