Monday, April 26, 2010

More Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

The brainstorming continues…I’m not completely married to turquoise…my heart still skips a beat for cobalt, and while I promised no pink would appear in our wedding, I DO love vibrant magenta and coral. 

Both of these styles have optional spaghetti straps which I want to offer as a choice if we go with one style for the bridesmaids.

Trust me – I can’t wait to make up my mind on a color!! I just don’t want to choose without the girls trying anything on yet :-) A couple of more months…

Alfred Angelo, Style 7044 Untitled-1_0000_Layer 12 Untitled-1_0001_Layer 11 Untitled-1_0002_Layer 10 Untitled-1_0003_Layer 9


Alfred Angelo, Style 6543 Untitled-1_0004_Layer 8 Untitled-1_0005_Layer 7 Untitled-1_0006_Layer 13 Untitled-1_0007_Layer 6 Untitled-1_0008_Layer 5 Untitled-1_0009_Layer 1 Untitled-1_0011_Layer 3Untitled-1_0010_Layer 4


Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

I love Jade and Champagne! I just was in a wedding that had a Jade color dress it's so vibrant and looks great on everyone.

Shelby Bukhenik said...

ooohhhh pretty!! I like the colors pool, spice, and jade!! really pretty dresses (i liked the second the best!