Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Seven Bridesmaids

I wanted to properly introduce you to my 7 lovely bridesmaids! We’ll be doing lots of things “wedding” this summer. Definitely looking forward to dress shopping! They are all amazing in their own ways and there are a lot of common threads between us all…a couple of nurses, a couple of country music lovers, MOST of us are Sox fans, many have danced for years, and all of them are “wicked smaht”.

Jessica, My little Sis - Maid of Honor

Jess (Jessie, sissy) always had a love for dolls growing up which explains why she’s becoming a nurse and wants to specialize in pediatrics someday soon. We grew up sharing a bedroom, always fought over the Toys R Us toy catalog at Christmas, wore lots of stretchpants (who didn’t in the 90’s?) and now we make fun of all the times we use to wear the same dress on a holiday. haha And you can’t forget the snazzy attire always worn at Father/Daughter dances!

Here we are (probably 2 and 5 years old) with me sporting a Ghostbusters shirt.


And here we are now, 22 and (almost) 25.


Us with our little brother Anthony and Dad


And our sweet little Lia.


Erica - Rhody Alum ‘07!


Erica and I have been friends since 2004 when we began working together for URI Intramurals while in college. We found out we lived in the same dorm Sophomore year (yea Hopkins!) and then were roomies for a Spring semester after she spent the Fall in Hawaii (lucky!). A Connecticut native, Erica is an amazing Events Coordinator at a very popular Newport wedding and events venue, so she has been very helpful in advising Dan and I though the planning process! She’s also an amazing hip-hop dancer, participated in a mob dance in the middle of the Newport Boat Show last year, and teaches a few dance classes in Middletown, RI.

Erica’s a peach just like her Mom!, a loyal friend, will be a Newport resident forever, and Dan says she’s “charming”, but as far as her baseball affiliation goes, “no comment”. Aw :-)


Jenn - Rhody Alum ‘07!

Jenn and I also met while working for URI Intramurals while in college. We share a mutual love for sports, played some intramural hoops together! and now share common ground in higher education. We lived a few streets apart Senior year and have lots of memories on Lincoln! Jenn and Erica were roomies Senior year :-)


Jenn, Me and Erica at Graduation, May 2007:


Jenn is also a CT native. In Fall 2007 she ventured off to Ohio University to obtain a Master’s, then went to Florida the year after to intern, and is now back in Ohio working her butt off! Needless to say, we need her back on the East Coast so we can have more photo ops! Always level-headed, I can always count on Jenn for honest, good-hearted advice.


Karey – St. Joseph & RISD Alum!

Karey and I have worked together since August 2008. It was friendship at first sight when we noticed we were wearing the same color button downs: turquoise.


Since then, we’ve been seen sporting the same colors on random days, are both Aries (birthdays are 4 days apart), and pretty much have ridiculous amounts in common, except I’m nowhere near as big a country fan as she is. Break out into song and dance like me? Yes. She is probably the best country line dancer there is and has an adorable gray bunny named Jacoby (Jake, after Jacoby Ellsbury of course!). She’s the only bridesmaid without a kitty as a pet. She’ll be seen on the dance floor doing the robot.

Karey is originally from western Massachusetts and is also an interior designer, so if you are in need of a design consult and/or room makeover, she’s your gal.

Here we are with Erica at a fundraiser.



Nicole P. - Rhody Alum ‘07!

Lil sis of the groom and my future sister-in-law, Nicole is a ball of fun, an elementary schoolteacher and aspiring professional organizer (if you’re in need of a space re-organization, she’s your girl!). Another bridesmaid with a dance background, she’s often found doing twirls in the kitchen. It’s pretty cute. :-) We enjoy intense game nights together and we’ll be embarking on a second family cruise together this May! Mango tango time.

Here we are at Nathan & Jeanine’s wedding. L-R – Sara, Nicole and I


Here’s Nicole and Dan on a family trip in Italy, July 2006…after this trip, in August, is when Dan and I began dating and fell in love!


Nicole D. – Rhody Alum ‘07!

Nicole and I met in Fall 2003 when we were moving into Adams Hall at URI. I ended up in a single, she was in a triple. We hit it off and I asked her if she wanted to move down the hall!


We ended up being roomies for all 4 years of college…Adams 114, Hopkins C400D, 24 Lake Rd and 106 Angell Rd! We shared the ups and downs of college and life, dealt with crappy, cramped dorms, mice, and always vented to each other about the amounts of work we had, but always pulled A’s. Nicole is now an RN and is also engaged to her long-time sweetheart Rick!


She loves horses and is another bridesmaid who looooves country music :-)


Sara – RIC Alum ‘09

Cousin of the groom, Sara is also a ball of fun like her cousin Nicole, a super-fun fashionista that loves ballroom dance (she also teaches it) and has a degree in Spanish. Currently she lives in Spain and teaches English to school children. She will be back for the wedding no doubt! Can’t wait to see her this summer!

Here’s Nicole and I making a Sara sandwich on Christmas :-)


She’s seriously living the life! Weekend trips to amazing European cities? Siestas? European architecture? Cafes? I call that AWESOME.

Sara in Spain – Check out her blog >

She’s also been doing some gorgeous beadwork as of late!



So I have some pretty amazing girls don’tcha think? ;-)


Chocolate Lover said...

I totally agree! A gorgeous bridal party!

Sara Faella Artist Designer Stylist said...

so touching!! I love it!! You are gorgeous! I loved meeting you the other day!