Monday, February 8, 2010

Unique vases and containers

Trying to spend as little as possible on centerpieces and reception accents is going to be a challenge, especially for at least 24 tables, a long head table, escort card table and cocktail area! But, I like a challenge and I’m determined to play the “let’s have the most beautiful reception but spend as little as possible” game.

So I recently met an amazing floral designer and I’ve chosen to work with her! There will be a separate post on her in the near future :-) She’s already given me a bunch of ideas on how to save money but make a big impact at our reception.

For now, I wanted to highlight some great vases and containers. Just some inspiration! I need to remember that the overall lighting will be dark in the room, with aqua and amber uplighting around the perimeter. Candle light and, possibly, LED lights will be the lightsources on each table.


ps bjuda_ikea








DRYCKJOM Pitcher_ikea

IKEA DRYCKJOM Pitcher - $4.99!
More great IKEA finds to come!



fresh juice in a pitcher.jpg

Many images courtesy of The Knot.

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Moni said...

I am a big fan of uniquely shaped vases and containers especially the ones generally used for fruits or the pitcher and oddly shaped glasses. It adds dimension and texture to the overall look. love it!