Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Painted Wine Bottles

I started collecting wine bottles last Summer in hopes of turning them into something purposeful…part of a centerpiece or tablescape. Day after day, google search after google search, I failed to find something to do with these bottles that sparked my interest. I probably have about 50 bottles thanks to family parties and holidays!

Finally, tonight, I found the following photos originally on this great blog, and then found their true source:

wine bottles centerpiece

I think I want to paint our bottles! I would paint some a coral/tangerine-ish color, some a creamy white or pale yellow, and others (maybe?) silver…I’d put 3 bottles of differing heights on 8 or so tables, have a few lemons on the table and maybe a short vase with a sprig of white hydrangea, or a stem or two of coral peonies.

Stay tuned for some experimentation!

wine bottle centerpiece - Copy gold-wedding-table - Copy

You find the best things when you aren’t looking!

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Auntie April said...

Hey Kristina! Love the painted bottles and LOVE using them as candlestick holders! You (we/I would love to help:) can definately find cool things for tables w/out flowers. Did Trisha show you any of her containers? The pic I sent you had heart shaped flowers submerged in h2o! Very cool in red 4 Val day!