Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Florist: Chosen!

A few weeks ago, my fiance’s aunt and uncle introduced me to their neighbor and friend Tricia Carroll, Owner of Laurel Lane Floral Design. Within 30 minutes of our first meeting, I absolutely knew she was going to be my florist. I started sketching an idea and she got so excited and began sketching with me! As an artist, that was super important to me.


Tricia possesses a creative and energetic artistic vision, a desire to create something different, and years of experience to boot. She’s originally from London (super cool).

Here’s an excerpt from her site:

“…Laurel Lane has had the fortune to be involved in some of the most elegant affairs that have taken place in the Mansions of Newport, Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Our work has been featured in the national award winning Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and Town & Country magazine as well as numerous local magazines. Our designs have adorned events as far reaching as the presidential visit of then President Clinton to Rhode Island as well as a family wedding of the Vice President of Sony Films.”

Can we say awesome?

My yearning for DIY projects coupled with her visions, are going to make for one BEAUTIFUL wedding day. After I purchase my dress and my girls purchase their dresses, we will begin constructing the floral look for our special day :-) So thrilled!!!

I’ve honestly been blessed with meeting/choosing so many amazing vendors who are passionate about their industries. Thanks, all of you: Becky, Michele, Jenn, Victor, David and Tricia! Can’t wait for our wedding day to arrive.


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Sara Faella Artist Designer Stylist said...

let me know if you need a hair and makeup artist....or a couture bridal accessory!! :)