Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Florist: Chosen!

A few weeks ago, my fiance’s aunt and uncle introduced me to their neighbor and friend Tricia Carroll, Owner of Laurel Lane Floral Design. Within 30 minutes of our first meeting, I absolutely knew she was going to be my florist. I started sketching an idea and she got so excited and began sketching with me! As an artist, that was super important to me.


Tricia possesses a creative and energetic artistic vision, a desire to create something different, and years of experience to boot. She’s originally from London (super cool).

Here’s an excerpt from her site:

“…Laurel Lane has had the fortune to be involved in some of the most elegant affairs that have taken place in the Mansions of Newport, Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Our work has been featured in the national award winning Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and Town & Country magazine as well as numerous local magazines. Our designs have adorned events as far reaching as the presidential visit of then President Clinton to Rhode Island as well as a family wedding of the Vice President of Sony Films.”

Can we say awesome?

My yearning for DIY projects coupled with her visions, are going to make for one BEAUTIFUL wedding day. After I purchase my dress and my girls purchase their dresses, we will begin constructing the floral look for our special day :-) So thrilled!!!

I’ve honestly been blessed with meeting/choosing so many amazing vendors who are passionate about their industries. Thanks, all of you: Becky, Michele, Jenn, Victor, David and Tricia! Can’t wait for our wedding day to arrive.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DIY: Painted Wine Bottles, Part I

First, I apologize for not having written in over a week! In fact, almost two weeks. I came down with what felt like the flu on Valentine’s Day, of all days!! I forced myself to go see Beauty & the Beast at Providence Performing Arts Center because I had been waiting since Christmas to see it! Though I shivered through the whole show, it was fantastic. The set design was gorgeous!

So I have been itching to experiment with these painted wine bottles. I took 2 from my stash and soaked them in a large bucket of hot, soapy water for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. I then too a sponge with a rough surface and scrubbed the bottles beneath the surface of the water, and all labels and glue came right off.

Voila! They really look nice on their own for decoration don’t they?

washed wine bottle

washed wine bottle

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Painted Wine Bottles

I started collecting wine bottles last Summer in hopes of turning them into something purposeful…part of a centerpiece or tablescape. Day after day, google search after google search, I failed to find something to do with these bottles that sparked my interest. I probably have about 50 bottles thanks to family parties and holidays!

Finally, tonight, I found the following photos originally on this great blog, and then found their true source:

wine bottles centerpiece

I think I want to paint our bottles! I would paint some a coral/tangerine-ish color, some a creamy white or pale yellow, and others (maybe?) silver…I’d put 3 bottles of differing heights on 8 or so tables, have a few lemons on the table and maybe a short vase with a sprig of white hydrangea, or a stem or two of coral peonies.

Stay tuned for some experimentation!

wine bottle centerpiece - Copy gold-wedding-table - Copy

You find the best things when you aren’t looking!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Unique vases and containers

Trying to spend as little as possible on centerpieces and reception accents is going to be a challenge, especially for at least 24 tables, a long head table, escort card table and cocktail area! But, I like a challenge and I’m determined to play the “let’s have the most beautiful reception but spend as little as possible” game.

So I recently met an amazing floral designer and I’ve chosen to work with her! There will be a separate post on her in the near future :-) She’s already given me a bunch of ideas on how to save money but make a big impact at our reception.

For now, I wanted to highlight some great vases and containers. Just some inspiration! I need to remember that the overall lighting will be dark in the room, with aqua and amber uplighting around the perimeter. Candle light and, possibly, LED lights will be the lightsources on each table.


ps bjuda_ikea








DRYCKJOM Pitcher_ikea

IKEA DRYCKJOM Pitcher - $4.99!
More great IKEA finds to come!



fresh juice in a pitcher.jpg

Many images courtesy of The Knot.