Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lots on the plate!

I completely failed to mention in my last post that in 2010 I’d begin the Print Design Certificate Program at the Rhode Island School of Design. I have a BFA in Studio Art but want to further specialize in Graphic Design because it’s my passion and I thrive on creating something tangible that affects the world. I’ll be taking 2 classes this Winter semester, and likely in future semesters, from now until the end of 2011, if all goes as planned!

Working my full time job in higher ed marketing, running my side design business, creating more artwork, planning our wedding, and taking classes…AND setting aside time for “date nights” which have become Saturdays or Sundays now that Dan is working the 3-11pm shift at work M-F…I call that a full plate. I give lots of credit to those who have children and do all of this as well!

I’ve always been a person that tries to stay busy. If I’m not doing something productive or with meaning, I feel like I’m wasting time. Don’t get me wrong – I love to relax, but mostly my way of relaxing is going to the bookstore and reading magazines, appreciating creative and fresh print design. I’m definitely looking forward to the creative projects I’ll be undertaking while in classes for the next couple of years! And I’ll be needing lots of Visine :-)



Chocolate Lover said...

Good luck with it all!

Kristina said...

thanks!! love your photography post!