Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flowers and Centerpieces

Remember when I said I really wanted all tulips for wedding flowers?


I met with Golden Gate Studios on Saturday 1/16…awesome awesome awesome! I did not meet with Jay though…I think her name was Ashley…(someone please correct me if that’s wrong :-)) super nice and she totally shared her creative vision which was right on track with mine - single bloom…wow-factor…bang for buck. We got to talking about tulips and the fact that our wedding is on Memorial Day Weekend. There is a chance it may be warm outside, and tulips do not fare well in warm weather – they will open. They’d be fine for centerpieces while the stems are in water, but I’d need a lot of them to achieve the full lush effect I want each table to have.

So she mentioned white hydrangea for centerpieces – brilliant! I’d thought of them but for some reason had my heart set on tulips. Oh well! Sorry tulips! One stem of white hydrangea can go a long way in creating a full centerpiece. I’d prefer white because with a room full of candle light and aqua + amber uplighting, the colors will cast a romantic glow on the white flowers. We would do 6 very tall centerpieces with a 24 inch vase, tall cherry blossom branches surrounded by white hydrangea at the very top of the vase.

Here’s a rough idea from another wedding on The Knot. This is a close up of the vase opening, the hydrangea and then tall branches coming out of it.


Here’s another idea I found and I just love the idea of little splashes of aqua in the form of candles or candle holders.


But since we met, I’ve really been thinking…we can’t afford to waste money on centerpieces of flowers that are just going to die. I think doing 6 or so tall centerpieces with hydrangea is OK to give the room some great visuals, but doing hydrangea on 24-30 tables…I think our money can be better spent.

I’ve been thinking of something unique for other tables…such as a colored betta fish with coral colored rocks, or goldfish with aqua rocks (pictured below) surrounded by votives on the table to cast a really cool glow on the fish..even submerse an LED light in the blue rocks. It will also give the table something cool to take home.


Suggestions are welcome!

As for bouquets, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of coral colored peonies for my bouquet and cream/white peonies for my 7 bridesmaids. I’m all about single blooms and being modern, unique, colorful and different..yet romantic. I think a lush bouquet of coral/peachy peonies embodies just that.

The girls would carry a smaller version of this:


And I’d carry these peony roses (or garden roses, not sure what they are really called) in a peachy hue…:



So, I feel that my flower vision is getting closer to being final, though we haven’t bought our dresses yet…so you know what that means…things can change! I am still going to be meeting with other florists, too.

Here’s to another busy week of work, school and design!


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

OOH...I love tulips, hydrangeas and peonies...some of my fave flowers! I think your ideas are fabulous! Bummed you're not keeping with the tulips as that is what my April wedding is all about :) Be sure to check out my blog post tomorrow which has lots of pictures of our mockup centerpieces which are all tulips :) Let me know what you think. You might like the idea of submerged flowers that I am doing.

Chocolate Lover said...

I love all those flowers! And I love the inspiration pics you are using! I love the full look you are going for and am thinking of something similar for my bridesmaids. Can't wait to see it all!

Aylee Bits said...

I love the touches of aqua. And I love garden roses!

Annie @ MarryYouMe said...

The first peach garden rose you showed is a Peach Juliet, we had them at our wedding :)