Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A few pictures from the Bridal Show!

The Crowne’s Bridal Show was great – many vendors, nice atmosphere and I got to show my sister and sister-in-law where our reception will take place! So exciting!

This photo is from Golden Gate Studios’ table. This picture doesn’t do this centerpiece justice. It was a jaw-dropping display and I just LOVE the different-sized candle holders around it. This height centerpiece would be absolutely perfect for some tables in the grand ballroom since the ceilings are very high. I wouldn’t use peacock feathers or pink flowers (even though they are gorgeous) but they look stunning here!


Here is one of their lush (and heavy!) bouquets they had on display. I just so happened to be wearing lime green and, well, it matched perfectly!!


I’ve made an appointment to meet with Jay from Golden Gate to discuss options and to get a quote. We are trying to keep the floral costs very low. It helps that the flower I really want a lot of is a tulip – definitely in season in May.

I didn’t win anything at the show – no biggie!! I did get a $3 coupon for the big show coming up at the RI Convention Center. Can’t wait for that one!

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