Monday, November 9, 2009

Calling all Turquoise Lovers

Maybe some of you have seen this site…maybe some of you have not: Everything Turquoise.

It really is EVERYTHING Turquoise…and teal, and aqua, and many shades of blue. From household decor to satin peep toe pumps…this site highlights retail items, gives a brief description of each, and links to the retailer for you to make a purchase! Shopping by color made simple!

Here are just a few of my favorite items recently posted:

Pepita Aqua Table Lamp


Fiesta 5-piece Dinnerware Set


18-inch Blue Embroidered Splash Pillow569019284_BfmT7-L

And if you’re not a lover of Blue, check out Decor By Color!

1 comment:

Chocolate Lover said...

Oh wow! I did not know about this site! I will be checking it out for sure! We are having aqua as one of our wedding colors! I love the colors you have chosen! So warm and cheery! Definitely following along on your journey!