Friday, October 16, 2009

The Single-Bloom Bouquet

I love the simplicity of a bouquet that contains only one flower. Though I am not tied to tulips just yet, I envision I’ll be carrying either golden yellow, peach, or orange tulips. My girls will carry off white to complement my dress and my Maid of Honor will carry off white mixed with whatever color I end up carrying. I would consider carrying another flower, but I just love the simplicity of the tulip itself – clean lines, simple shape, and when packed together, they form an abundant bunch.

Here are some photos I’ve found so far:


No roses…just love these colors together.

weddings-orange-tulips-peach-roses-table-decor-lg 32


Well I’ll be! Lemons + tulips!
(Image courtesy Vintage Design Company)



Sara! said...

man oh man! i love the tulip and lemon, really love it! It looks so awesome together!

Auntie April said...

Love the peachy tulips and the lemon combo. Thinking the tall vases would look good w/these combo's too!

Tracy said...

I am planning on doing calla lilies for my MOH's bouquet. Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm putting you on my blogroll!