Friday, August 28, 2009

Videographer and DJ search (sort of) continues

Since we splurged on photography, which most brides should do if they're going to splurge anywhere, we must now save on the DJ and videography.

The DJ absolutely has to keep the night moving smoothly but we don't want one that makes a spectacle out of his/her self. After some research, I think a solid, experienced DJ should cost between $800-$1,000 for 5.5 hours. The other point to consider is the sound system they use. Since we'll be in the Crowne's biggest space, with sky-high ceilings, we need a system that is going to project the sound well.

Videography is usually the last thing couples tack on to their weddings. But, Dan and I set it as a "must-have" on our list. However, we don't want to spend a fortune. Having used Final Cut Pro as an art student, I can do most of what I've been seeing on videographers' websites. So, I'm really unwilling to drop $2500 on a video with cheesy edits. This is a tough one.

The search continues. Recommendations are welcomed!


Jen said...

All 4 You DJ & Wedding Stories for Videography....I'm sure you can work with John on features (less time, no assistant) to bring the cost down!

Keith said...

Maybe you could find someone to just shoot the wedding, and give you the footage so you could edit it to your liking.

Moni said... are the bride who booked him lol

Kristina said...

what do you mean moni? :-)