Thursday, August 6, 2009

Photographer: Booked!

This morning we signed with Jennifer Leatherwood. What an amazing feeling!!!! Our search started in March, pretty soon after we got engaged - we don't waste time ;-)

Jennifer was the first photographer I found, and I fell in love with her work immediately. Her work with children and babies is equally breathtaking! As an artist myself, I truly appreciate her work and I'm captivated by her compositions, her use of color, saturation and texture...3 elements I love to incorporate in my own work. She's so much fun to be around and we can't wait to have our engagement session!

It was really hard to have to choose a photographer after having met with so many amazing people and personalities...Jenny from Zenobia, Melissa Robotti, Rupert Whiteley (and little Lydia!!) and Kristen Conte to name a few. In the end, our best fit was Jennifer. We've made many new contacts along the way that I hope to stay in touch with - so much talent in the RI Photog seen! See my list of blogs to the right for proof :-)

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