Thursday, July 9, 2009

She'll Coordinate!

Knowing that we have a little less than 2 years to plan is comforting...we'll get the vendors we want! There's plenty of time to do all the leg work...calling, quoting, negotiating, meeting, etc. But, we knew on the day of, we should have a wedding coordinator...a person dedicated to making your day run smoothly.

A colleague mentioned that he knew of a wedding planner that happened to work where we do. She ended up being the only wedding coordinator I met! Becky Pellegrino, Owner of Aisle Coordinate, is organized, extremely knowledgeable, budget conscious, savvy, chic, humorous...the list goes on! Becky has been there to answer many questions so far, offering precious advice that every bride should have! We know we can count on her over the next two years to help us plan the wedding day we envision.

Thanks for everything so far Becky :-)


Anonymous said...

OMG Kris u r so fabulous! Good for you - I love this blog! Brides- listen to anything this girl has to say... Harvard just gave her an honorary PhD in taste, and style!

antaram310 said...


I'm good friends with Sara (she's in my bridal party too!) and she told me about your blog, which inspired me to start one as well! I just wanted to thank you for your insights... it was really helpful reading your blog before we went to visit venues last weekend (Crown, Radisson, Marriott). Congrats on your engagement and thanks again for the info!