Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The First Post


So, alas, I am planning my dream wedding! But, there are rules: No pinks what-so-ever, no floral prints, no roses or calla lilies, and most importantly, no overspending!

As an artist and graphic designer who is a perfectionist and very finicky with the way things look, I admit, it's going to be a challenge to design a wedding where we'll look back and say "Wow - amazing!" It's a good thing we have 690 days left to think!!

Dan and I got engaged on March 7, 2009 on Galilee Beach where we spent part of our first date. Our first date (August 4, 2006), might I mention, was when I immediately knew "He's the one". Two years and 7 months later, he got down on one knee in the sand and proposed! And since that day, I have been thinking "wedding day" non-stop, on top of a full time job and my artwork.

A couple of weeks before Dan proposed, I had braces put on my teeth because I knew that when we did get married, I'd want a pretty smile! And because of them, we're waiting until May 2011 to get married.

Why May? Spring is our favorite season! And, being Catholics, we can't get married during Lent. So, we thought that May 29 would be perfect - the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.



Jen said...

Thanks for the whole back story! I love a long holiday weekend wedding for that extra day to recover from the wedding! We went to one this Memorial Day weekend & ours is this Labor Day weekend!

Auntie April said...

Love the new board! That aqua color on the dresses is amazing:) The flowers look like creations I've seen Trisha do!
Love Ya!

Chocolate Lover said...

Your ring in gorgeous!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very exciting! Your ring is beautiful. Enjoy your planning! Yey for 2011 spring brides :)