Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Official

I've decided on colors! After chatting with cousin Sara (1/7 of the bridal party), it hit me - Why do I have to choose between aqua/teal/turquoise when it looks amazing, and Caribbean-like, with cobalt/royal blue??

Well, I don't! I jumped on Adobe Kuler, designed my palette, and voila! (Blog graphics to be updated!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Current inspirations

Below are some current inspirations...absolutely subject to change! :-)

White tulips

Yellow tulips

Turquoise/teal satin (bridesmaids...maybe the napkins or something else on the tables)

But cobalt is a close second

Amber and blue uplighting

Tall centerpieces

A modern cake with the same color satin as the BM dresses incorporated into each layer..I like the pillow embossed look with silver beads as opposed to scrolls of frosting

Thursday, July 9, 2009

She'll Coordinate!

Knowing that we have a little less than 2 years to plan is comforting...we'll get the vendors we want! There's plenty of time to do all the leg work...calling, quoting, negotiating, meeting, etc. But, we knew on the day of, we should have a wedding coordinator...a person dedicated to making your day run smoothly.

A colleague mentioned that he knew of a wedding planner that happened to work where we do. She ended up being the only wedding coordinator I met! Becky Pellegrino, Owner of Aisle Coordinate, is organized, extremely knowledgeable, budget conscious, savvy, chic, humorous...the list goes on! Becky has been there to answer many questions so far, offering precious advice that every bride should have! We know we can count on her over the next two years to help us plan the wedding day we envision.

Thanks for everything so far Becky :-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Church & Hunting For a Reception Site

Dan and I have both been raised Roman Catholics and made our Confirmation. So whenever we'd talked about weddings before we got engaged, it always came up that we'd want to be married in the church. So we started going to church together at Ss. John & Paul in Coventry, RI. His parents were married there almost 30 years ago, and he made his confirmation there as well. We also know we want to live in the general vicinity of the area, so it made perfect sense to us to book this church for our wedding. Father Grenon will be officiating. Another interesting tidbit is that my Dad's name is Paul and Dan's Dad is John. So coincidental :-)

As far as the reception site goes - we visited 14 sites...With a guest list hovering around a solid 230-240 people, no children, we knew we needed a large space with plenty of experience handling a crowd this large, but that also serves great food and has an exceptional manager on hand with a great track record.

We visited:

Quidnessett Country Club
Crowne Plaza, Warwick
Radisson, Post Rd.
Marriott, Providence
Johnson & Wales Inn
Alpine Country Club
Providence Biltmore
The Westin
Cranston Country Club
Newport Yachting Center
Quonset O Club
Valley Country Club
Laurel Lane Country Club
Crystal Lake Golf Club

The winner - Crowne Plaza!

From late March when we began our search until now, Michele Strobel and Zac St. Jean at the Crowne have been nothing but helpful and courteous to Dan and I. We actually ended up visiting twice, and I knew that when I saw Dan's face light up the second time, it was the place.

-Photo courtesy of Main Event Weddings, 2008

They have packages that couples can customize and include a wedding cake. We love the modern space with high ceilings and there is plenty of room for our head table (16 of us total!), a huge dance floor for our friends and families... most are dancing machines!

I'll totally be transforming the ambiance with either amber or blue, or maybe a bit of both. High ceilings can equate to tall centerpieces as well...oh the possibilities!

The First Post


So, alas, I am planning my dream wedding! But, there are rules: No pinks what-so-ever, no floral prints, no roses or calla lilies, and most importantly, no overspending!

As an artist and graphic designer who is a perfectionist and very finicky with the way things look, I admit, it's going to be a challenge to design a wedding where we'll look back and say "Wow - amazing!" It's a good thing we have 690 days left to think!!

Dan and I got engaged on March 7, 2009 on Galilee Beach where we spent part of our first date. Our first date (August 4, 2006), might I mention, was when I immediately knew "He's the one". Two years and 7 months later, he got down on one knee in the sand and proposed! And since that day, I have been thinking "wedding day" non-stop, on top of a full time job and my artwork.

A couple of weeks before Dan proposed, I had braces put on my teeth because I knew that when we did get married, I'd want a pretty smile! And because of them, we're waiting until May 2011 to get married.

Why May? Spring is our favorite season! And, being Catholics, we can't get married during Lent. So, we thought that May 29 would be perfect - the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.